Decline in Tradesmen Impacts Other Sectors

It has been revealed that Britain is now faced with a lack of skilled tradesmen such as builders, bricklayers and plumbers. One top of these professions window cleaners, painters and decorators and carpenters are also on the decrease.

The worst trade to be hit is plumbers as since the recession there are 25% less people entering the trade. One reason for this is also the decline of the property market which is in the process of recovery. Another market that has been hit by fewer jobs in these sectors is the commercial vehicle market. With fewer tradesmen it means there are less people who need light commercial vans and this in turn means that fuel sales and van insurance policies are reduced which is causing a rise in prices.

Scott Ogden is an ex-bricklayer and has said, “I got into the building trade after leaving school because it was quite a well paid job at the time. But during the recession, everything changed. Tradesmen suffered a 40% pay cut while also taking on more responsibilities. You always feel like a dispensable employee without any rights.”

Those trades that have seemed to survive the recession are cleaners, chimney sweeps and some businesses that are run by females in what were traditionally male areas of work.

People now have to work longer hours in order to pay the bills which means taking care of the home has become more and more difficult. This is why there has been an increase in cleaners of 33% since 2009. Female window cleaning and building businesses have increased by 10% and 8% respectively. Alongside this, women painters and decorators have increased by 5% in the same amount of time.

Open fires have become more and more popular as a way of saving money when it comes to the heating bill. As a result of this the amount of chimney sweeps has gone up by 4% since 2009.

Overall, people have been less likely to put away money for maintenance in their homes and have often resorted to doing it themselves which has been a huge factor in the decline of certain tradesmen.

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