Craven investing in Speed Camera vans

Local councils are often called upon to tackle the problem of speeding in towns and villages, especially if there is a certain road that becomes notorious for dangerous drivers and accidents. For example, local residents living near the A65 and the A629 in South Craven, North Yorkshire have recently complained to their local their police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan about people driving too fast along these roads, which is why Ms Mulligan has decided to introduce three speed camera vans into the area.

Discussing speeding in the area, Ms Mulligan said: “Alongside anti-social behaviour, speeding has been the single biggest issue that residents have raised with me over the last few months. Tackling speeding is central to improving quality of life and maintaining a safe North Yorkshire. We need to make sure we respond to local community needs and reduce serious accidents on the roads.” Ms Mulligan has also promised to help those that live in small villages who are concerned about speeding, especially as before they were prevented from getting camera support as they did not fulfil certain criteria.

She said: “I have asked the force to look again at the way they and their partners deal with speeding to make it easier for residents to raise concerns and easier for the police to respond to those issues. This is a crucial step in putting the people of North Yorkshire first.” Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Constable Iain Spittal has claimed that the speed vans have already led to many motorists being caught and punished for speeding, and added: “We have witnessed some extreme offences brought before the courts, supported by indisputable evidence captured by the high tech equipment used in the safety camera van. These were the lucky ones, they returned to their families. Some, tragically and needlessly, do not.”

Since the introduction of the speed camera vans in North Yorkshire there was a fifty-nine per cent reduction in fatal and serious collisions and as they are mobile the vans can travel to various black spots each evening and therefore protect more drivers. Undoubtedly, due to the fact that each van contains high-tech equipment each one will rack up some expensive van insurance quotes, however the fact that they are saving lives and making communities safer is worth the cost. Hopefully we will see more speed camera vans across the UK in the next few years, especially as they are proving so effective in making roads safer for all.

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