Council had enough of static van owners

Holders of vehicles typically protected by commercial vehicle insurance who use their vehicles for advertising purposes are being targeted by a parish council in Worcester.

Over the last few months the number of vans parked up in lay-bys, near roundabouts and grassed areas near main roads carrying giant placards advertising various businesses have proliferated in St. Peters parish, Worcester. Residents have complained and the parish council are now looking at bringing the situation under control.

Chairman of the Parish Council, Ross MacFarlane, said “The vehicles can be there one minute and not the next. There are certain areas within the parish where we can take some physical steps to prevent them being able to park in certain areas.”

The local police force say that the vans will only become an issue with them if they cause a traffic obstruction and residents are hoping Worcester City Council will take the lead. A spokesman for the council said: “If a vehicle is being primarily used to display advertising, then it would need advertisement consent and the permission of the landowner that the vehicle was parked on. Councils have the powers to remove unauthorised advertisements and charge the owners of the advertisement for the removal. We have been made aware of some instances of these unauthorised adverts being displayed in parts of the city and they are currently being investigated.”

It is a problem that is not confined to Worcester, and in more rural parts of the UK advertising via parked up vehicles is commonplace and accepted by the local population. There is no doubt though that in more urban areas gaudily coloured vans plastered with giant advertisements can cause a distraction to drivers.

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