Commercial Vehicle manufacturers reveal full-sized Vans

Yesterday we reported on how European style vans are proving popular in America, yet they are being converted in the US so that the efficient diesel engines they are fitted with as standard are replaced by large petrol engines. It seems that in America bigger is still definitely better, and van manufacturers showing off their new models at the 2013 World Truck Show in Indianapolis have definitely picked up on this. Two well known commercial vehicle manufacturers – Ford and Ram – revealed at the show yesterday their new offerings to the commercial vehicle market: fully-sized vans.

Firstly, Ford wowed spectators when they revealed the new Ford Transit, their first ever fully-sized van with a chassis cab option that has never been seen before from the company. The new chassis cab model will be popular amongst those who want to create custom bed options in the future, or even motorhome owners who could convert the new model easily due to its low floor and efficient 3.7 litre V-6 engine.

In a press release, director of Ford Commercial Vehicles, Len Deluca said: “No other automaker offers the variety and adaptability that Ford Motor Co. brings to our commercial customers. Transit’s best-in-class capabilities are combined with an extensive nationwide network of commercial upfitters to provide an unparalleled number of body choices to suit almost any job.”
The new Ram ProMaster is also a chassis cutaway model, and comes with fourteen different configurations as well as a long wheel-base and high extended body. President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand (and Chrysler de Mexico), Fred Diaz said: “The latest addition to the Ram Commercial division, our 2014 Ram ProMaster, is an incredible value and contributes to a one-stop shop experience for customers looking for a full line of commercial-duty Ram trucks and vans.”

“The ProMaster focuses on principal segment demands with best-in-class features, quality, durability, capability and low total cost of ownership.” Not only will customers be intrigued by the versatility of the Ram ProMaster, but also the fact that there is a set fee for destination delivery of $995 for all versions of the model, meaning that they could invest in a new van and save money.

If you are thinking of investing in a fully-sized van this year then make sure you research van insurance quotes before you decide what type of configuration you want, or if you are planning on converting the van yourself, as prices could differ depending on your choices.

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