Cold front develops in Blackburn as ice cream vendors go to war

A street battle between two owners of ice cream vans ended up in court this week, with a YouTube video ending up as the star witness.

When former Mr Yummy driver Zeheer Ramzan found Mr Whippy van vendor Mohammed Mulla in the same street and selling ice cream to what he considered his own customers Ramzan lost his “cool”. Although Ramzan had admitted to causing criminal damage and possession of a weapon in a public place he had denied assaulting Mulla. However, unknown to Ramzan a bewildered homeowner had videoed part of the confrontation on his mobile phone and later uploaded it to YouTube. The video went viral and over 1 million people watched the frosty battle between two ice cream sellers unfold on their computers and phones.

The video clearly shows Ramzan approach Mulla’s ice cream van twice and each time carrying a wheel wrench has a weapon. In his evidence Ramzan had claimed he only wielded the wrench the second time after Mulla had threatened him with a claw hammer. He also said Mulla had started the battle by reversing into Ramzan’s van. When confronted with the evidence of the YouTube footage Ramzan said it had happened a long time ago and he had forgotten details of the incident. Apparently he also forgot elements of his past as he claimed he had never been in trouble with the police before although investigations showed he had court convictions for causing an obstruction and driving without motor insurance.

Mr Ramzan must now appear before magistrates in Blackburn next month for sentencing, meanwhile Mr Mulla, who had to claim on his commercial vehicle insurance after the attack, said “It’s a relief to see justice done. It has been a nightmare since this happened. The incident was terrifying and I was frightened to go out afterwards. I am very relieved.”

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