Check Out a Used Van Purchase

Commercial vehicle insurance providers are advising van drivers considering purchasing a used van to follow industry guidelines before committing themselves to a deal.

The sale of used vans has increased of late with many small businesses looking to cut back on their overheads. Buying a used van can indeed be a great way to save money but a spokesman for a leading van insurance provider says prospective buyers should follow certain guidelines to ensure their cash is well spent.

It is generally better to buy from a recognised dealer as they are legally bound to sell a vehicle that is free from defects. However, if you are determined to go down the private route and you are not mechanically skilled then it is possibly worth your while getting a professional mechanic to inspect the van. He will check the engine, the electrical set up, as well as ensuring safety features such as the tread on the tyres and the dashboard warning lights satisfy legal requirements. He will also look for tell tale signs of ‘clocking’ such as figures out of alignment on the odometer. It is also quite easy to organise a finance check on the vehicle which will tell you if there is outstanding debt on your proposed purchase or an accident history. It may cost you a few pounds but it’s well worth it simply for your peace of mind.

A spokesman for a leading insurance company said: “When it comes to buying a used van, it is important that buyers take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Being prepared for potential issues that could arise after the sale will give the buyer peace of mind.”

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