Charity hope to save money by spending money

Animal welfare charity, the RSPCA, will be installing Trimble’s Telematics technology and Geo safety devices into all of their vehicles to help workers rescue and collect animals of all shapes and sizes throughout England and Wales.

The installation will start this month, with their transit vans being the first to benefit from real-time visibility of the location of the vehicle. This will help dispatchers make an informed decision about which vehicle is best equipped and also closest to an animal who is in need of assistance. The system will also help with the RSPCA’s charitable objectives. Directors of the charity believe the systems will benefit the RSPCA with greater effectiveness in fleet management through reduced fuel use and lower CO2 emissions; the anticipated lower mileage may even bring down the cost of their annual commercial vehicle insurance bill.

As a charitable organisation, the RSPCA need to be as cost effective as possible, and using Telematics technology will help them achieve a much more efficient operation. They will also be able to identify any potential faults before a breakdown happens, keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum while at the same time optimising the effectiveness of their fleet.

Nigel Yeo, director of operations at the RSPCA, said “It is incredibly important that we make the most of every penny we receive in charitable donations. Investing in Telematics technology can help our inspectors in their daily work. RSPCA field staff can spend many hours on the road travelling to deal with complaints of cruelty or to attend to an abandoned animal. Some of the locations can be remote or difficult to find and having technology that enables us to find who is the closest at any given time will mean an animal is found much more quickly and this can help our staff enormously.”

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