Center Parcs invests in Electric Vans

More and more companies and businesses throughout the UK with commercial vehicle fleets are investing in electric vans so that they can do their bit to help the environment as well as save money on fuel costs. Each week we are seeing more stories in the press concerning electric commercial vehicles – especially small vans – that are being introduced into the market in the next few months. It seems that as the visibility of vans is increasing due to commercial fleets, which will hopefully lead to those that privately own vans coming round to the idea of having a vehicle that runs solely on electricity.

Now it has been announced that Center Parcs has recently invested in 22 new electric Renault Kangoo Maxi Van Z.E models that they will be using in the Center Parc villages across the UK. So far, the plan is that the electric vehicles will be used at Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest and Whinfell Forest, and when the Woburn Forest opens in Spring 2014 they will also be introduced there.

The vans will be used by those that provide maintenance and technical services across all the aforementioned Center Parcs villages, as well as for the “Dining-In” service they provide where guests can order food or drinks to their cabins. The company is happy that the vans are align with their environmental care ethos, and though the vehicles may cost more in van insurance, the fact that the fuel costs are so low could make up the difference.

Discussing the introduction of the new electric vans, Center Parcs operations and development director Paul Kent said: “It is important for us to ensure that Center Parcs’ commercial vehicle fleet is the most efficient and least polluting option possible. The new Kangoo Van Z.E.s take this ethos to the next level, bringing non-polluting electric vehicles to each Center Parcs village. We’re delighted to be continuing our commitment to ensure Center Parcs reduces its impact on the environment.” Meanwhile, Andy Heiron, head of electric vehicle programme at Renault UK said: “It is wonderful to see the vans in use at such a fantastic location as Center Parcs.”

“As well as being one of the best known names in the leisure and tourism industry, Center Parcs also leads the way in ensuring that their day-to-day operations are environmentally friendly, making the Kangoo Van Z.E. a great choice for their fleet needs. The Kangoo Van Z.E. and our electric range as a whole offer a winning combination of practicality and reliability, plus they are respectful of the environment with no tailpipe emissions at all. We are delighted that Center Parcs have chosen our Z.E. range for their fleet requirments and know that their staff will appreciate the vans’ comfort and ergonomics.”

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