Cargo vans the latest must have craze to hit New York

New York is a city known for its 24 hour lifestyle and the fads and fashions that make the city the most famous place on earth.

It is of course home to some of the richest people in the world, who can be seen in their ultra long and sleek limousines, however, all that is changing and the new must have acquisition in the city is a commercial vehicle insurance policy, because the new vehicle for the rich and famous is a… cargo van! Apparently the anonymous looking vehicles are the latest must have accessory to city life, and rich bankers and financial whizz kids are buying the vans and kitting them out in the most luxurious ways, including of course a chauffeur.

Investment banker Steve Kantor is very proud of his Sprinter van, which looks like any other van from the outside, however, he explained that the interior is slightly unconventional: “I have two big-screen televisions. I have a couch in the back that goes into a bed, and I have four chairs that go back and massage you. It has a desk, a table and an intercom so you have can have meetings in there if you want to.”

And he is not alone; the van bought by Mr Kantor is proving very popular in New York and is considered a snip at $189,000! Of course you can buy a basic model for around $40,000, but it doesn’t have satellite television.

Even the luxurious models bought by Mr Kantor are now being put in the shade. The New York philosophy of bigger and better has been brought to bear by those at the very top of the money tree. There is no question of these people buying a ready-made model, oh no. The mega rich are now employing designers to customise their newly acquired vans to the tune of $500,000 and yes, we can say that twice, five hundred thousand dollars for a cargo van. It’s a funny world.

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