Cameras turned back on and it’s no joke

Van drivers in and around Oxfordshire will have to be on their mettle once again this morning, as an old foe has once more raised its head. Although many van drivers listening to the news this morning may have thought it was an April fool’s Day joke it is in fact true that Thames Valley Police have turned back on all 72 of their fixed site road cameras.

It will be the first time since August 2010 that motorists in the County will be under surveillance from roadside cameras and the spectre of higher commercial vehicle insurance quotes for some drivers with points on their driving licence will once more be a possibility.

The cameras were turned off originally because of cuts to the Road Safety budget by the Government. However, statistics show that road accidents and the number of people killed in them has risen dramatically since the cameras were shut down. The number of people killed in accidents is particularly disturbing as it has risen by 50%.

Rob Povey, head of roads policing for the Thames Valley force, said “We think this is important because we know that speed kills and speed is dangerous.

“We have shown in Oxfordshire that speed has increased through monitoring limits and we have noticed an increase in fatalities and the number of people seriously injured in 2010. We know that speed enforcement does work as a deterrent to motorists.”

The figures make it difficult to argue with the decision and it is a question now of how many other police forces and Local Authorities follow the same path when it comes to road safety.

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