Americans criticised for converting European vans

Recently there has been an increase in demand for European style cargo-carrying vans in Northern America, which is good news for the European commercial vehicle industry. Hopefully, this increase in demand across the pond will influence the markets in the UK, meaning that more money can be invested in commercial vehicle manufacturers here in the UK. Recently, an automotive pundit from the UK visited Indianapolis in the States, and claimed that he foresaw the arrival of traditionally European van models into the American market.

Tim Campbell went on to criticise American commercial vehicle dealers and consumers however, due to the fact that they are converting the European van models so that they include petrol engines instead of the traditional diesel ones. He said: “Why the heart transplant? I see a helluva lot of vans here now. But for some reason, the heart gets taken out of them as they leave our shores for here.”

Campbell went on to criticise the Americans’ decision as he said that petrol tanks provide less fuel efficiency than diesel tanks, so converting the vans in the first place is a waste of money. He said that one cargo-van that is imported from the UK that came with a three litre, 177 horse power diesel engine as standard and was converted so that it now has a 3.6L V8 petrol engine with 280 horsepower, which loses around two hundred miles per full tank of petrol. “You tell me where the logic is,” he said as he also pointed out that diesel engines not only provide better fuel efficiency but also twenty per cent more torque than a petrol engine.

Campbell therefore advised Americans who want to invest in a European style van to “Go to the manufacturers and say ‘Put out those European diesels, please’. What’s stopping you?” Not only can diesel engines save money when it comes to commercial vehicles, but they can sometimes also reduce van insurance quotes. Furthermore, if you own a fleet of vehicles, a fleet of diesel engines would cost $53,000 less than a fleet of petrol engines, meaning companies could also save money by investing in standard European style vans. “To me, it stacks up”, said Campbell.

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