A closer look at the Renault Kangoo

On Wednesday we wrote about how Center Parcs have recently introduced twenty two electric Renault Kangoo Maxi Van M.E. models into their fleets so that their maintenance and technical staff can get around the parks in an environmentally friendly manner. It seems as though European electric vans are starting to become extremely popular for businesses here in the UK and even in America the demand for light electric commercial vehicles is on the rise. However, it seems as though even the predecessor to the electric model – the Renault Kangoo – is also proving popular in the commercial vehicle markets.

The Kangoo is smaller than most other electric vans, meaning it is great for those that run their own businesses or work for delivery companies. Renault wrote: “The Kangoo Range offers two wheelbase lengths, three versions of the popular 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine (75, 90 and 110hp) and a choice of two or five seat versions of the Kangoo Maxi. The five seat “Crew” version features a rear seat that can be tipped forward to accommodate particularly long loads.” We can see from this description that even though the Kangoo is small in stature, it still boasts the ability for customers to carry various size loads and is therefore highly adaptable.

The Kangoo also offers great fuel efficiency due to the fact that it includes a choice of responsive yet economical powerplants, two of which return the lowest fuel consumption in their segment. Both the dCi 75 and dCi 90 include Stop&Start engines and claims to provide 65.7 miles to the gallon. This great fuel efficiency teamed with cheap van insurance could be extremely appealing to fleet managers, especially if they are under pressure to save money. The Kangoo also boasts a variety of technical upgrades, with Renault saying: “The Renault Kangoo benefits from a multimedia system thanks to the introduction of R-link (optional, or standard equipment for ‘Sport’ versions).”

“This system incorporates the in-dash Tom Tom LIVE navigation previously available for Phase 1 Kangoo, plus numerous new functions, such as advance warning of hazardous zones and the ability to download applications like the reading of e-mails. The range of radios has evolved too, with a choice of three solutions. All radios come with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, while the next level up is equipped with a CD player. The premium radio integrates with the Renault R-Link system.” As Renault continuously develops their vehicles, we expect to see them dominating the light commercial vehicles market within the next few years.

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