Parking honours go to females

It may come as a surprise to a large number of male van drivers working on the roads of the UK to discover that the fairer sex are deemed to be better at parking their vehicles than men.
That is the result of a survey carried out in National Car Parks (NCP) across the country, and commercial vehicle insurance providers confirm that males do have more scrapes in car parks than females.
The survey was conducted in car parks across the UK where CCTV cameras recorded the […]

Manufacture of electric vans would create new jobs

The plan for an electrical vehicle manufacturing operation in Gwynedd, Wales which could create up to eighty-five new jobs has been revealed. Businessman Iain Falconer wants to become the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of commercial electric vehicles and he is already in talks with three major fleet owners.
Mr Falconer wants to supply 12,500 electric vans and pick-ups over the next three years and talks over the details of a brand new factory unit in Minffordd are nearing completion with the Welsh Government, which owns the […]

Peugeot Looking for a New Partner for Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle manufacturer, PSA Peugeot Citroen is seeking a new partner for light commercial vehicles to replace Italian peer Fiat, as they are withdrawing from the companies’ existing venture in 2017.
Chief executive of PSA, Philippe Varin said that PSA wants to share the cost of developing and manufacturing replacements for its Citroen Jumpy and Peugeot Expert vans assembled at a plant shared with Fiat.
He said, “We are looking for solutions for our future utility vehicles,
“In our industry it is hard to develop them alone, so we […]

Road pricing scheme will help UK hauliers

Van and lorry drivers in the UK will soon be faced with another charge as the Coalition Government plans to introduce a road pricing scheme, however, this time they will be quite pleased about it.
It is an attempt to give British hauliers the chance to compete equally against foreign firms who up to now have been able to bring their trucks and vans onto UK roads without having to pay any charges. The scheme which will fall into line with EU guidelines will typically affect […]

Manufacturers are delighted with the Coalition’s grant extension for electric vehicles

Nissan and Renault have both welcomed the news that the Coalition Government has decided to extend the electric vehicle grant scheme to vans. The decision will allow companies to get thousands of pounds off the purchase price of a low emission vehicle and should boost sales markedly.
The Government’s decision makes the commercial vehicle scheme even more generous than the car scheme as van drivers will get 20% discount up to a maximum of £8,000 as opposed to cars £5,000. Renault has only just launched its […]

Van Drivers Top the Charts with Manoeuvring Vehicles

Van drivers pull off the best vehicle manoeuvres, according to a recent survey by Swinton.
When 1000 drivers in the UK were asked to rate their ability to perform difficult vehicle manoeuvres, over 68% of the drivers scored themselves a five out of five.
48% said they could perform any vehicle manoeuvre flawlessly, which suggests that young male drivers may show signs of being over confident when they are behind the wheel.
Only 12% of van drivers scored themselves low for their ability to reverse round a corner, […]

Local firm shows their commitment to the area

One of Darlington’s most visible businesses is increasing their presence in the North-East, as they target growth despite the downturn sweeping the area. Northgate Vehicle Hire has branded commercial vans that are used by tradesmen not just locally but also up and down the UK.
The company is about to finalise a deal for additional premises in the town as part of their on-going restructuring programme. This will bring about eighty administrative jobs to Darlington, as the company continues to centralise operations under the Northgate banner. […]

South Yorkshire Company in the vanguard of new technology

Sheffield based clean fuel company ITM joined forces with more famous names this week as they were nominated to be one of the thirteen companies who will work alongside Government departments to thrust the UK into the forefront of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.
The company who already have experience in producing energy for hydrogen powered vans will now be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Vauxhall and Toyota in the UKH2 Mobility project, but they won’t be overawed. They already have a reputation for developing and […]

Lucky escape for driver who ignored warning signs

Police in Scotland have this week released CCTV footage showing what happens when commercial drivers ignore traffic signs.
The footage will make every van and lorry driver in the UK shudder when they see just how fortunate the driver and other motorists have been. The incident took place on the Forth Bridge on December the 28th but has only just been released by the police. On the day in question the Forth Estuary Transport Authority (FETA) had closed the bridge to all traffic but cars, due […]

Green subsidy now available for vans

Motorists looking to buy one of the new breed of zero emission vans will be delighted with news announced by the Transport Minister Norman Baker yesterday.
On a visit to the North East the minister confirmed that the £5,000 Government subsidy on electric cars would continue until 2015 and that electric vans would now also be eligible for the grant. The news will be welcomed by small businesses across the UK and many delivery firms and couriers will seriously look at taking out commercial vehicle insurance […]