Council concerned at motorists laziness

According to research, motorists, including van drivers are putting themselves, other motorists and even pedestrians lives at risk by failing to signal at junctions and driving over mini-roundabouts instead of around them.
Calderdale County Council have appealed to motorists in the region to take extra care as evidence collected by both their own Road Safety team and volunteers from a road safety committee clearly show that the concerns raised are justified.
The two groups monitored 4,000 vehicle manoeuvres at six separate junctions throughout Calderdale. The results reveal […]

Charity calls for danger warnings on alcoholic drinks

A major UK road safety charity is calling for alcohol manufacturers to put drink drive warnings on their products as the festive season approaches.
The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) believes warnings on the labels of alcoholic beverages should not only inform the drinker of the amount of alcohol in the product but also warn of the dangers of drink driving. The Institute says that in 2009, the latest statistics available, 20% of motorists killed in their vehicles were over the legal alcohol limit for drivers.
Over […]

Help is still needed to make the switch to electric

Electric vehicle charging point provider Elektromotive are asking the Coalition Government to keep their £5,000 incentive in place in order to help support the sales of electric vehicles (EVs).
Nissan’s LEAF has helped with the profile of the new cars but the anticipated take up of commercial vehicle insurance on EVs has not materialised. Persuading companies to invest both their time and money in new technology has always been a challenge and it is important to provide them with an incentive to make the change. Elektromotive […]

DVLA set to profit from private details of drivers

The latest money raising scheme by a Government Department involves the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) selling the names and addresses of motorists to companies chasing after them for private parking disputes.
In a move that is bound to cause controversy across the UK, the DVLA have admitted that they already pass information on to wheel clampers but in the future want to charge more. Simon Tse, the chief executive of the DVLA, is hoping to get ministerial approval to raise the current charge of […]

Drivers cutting corners in a bid to save cash

According to a report released today, drivers across the UK are putting their safety and other motorists’ safety at risk as they look to save money on their every day motoring. The same survey revealed many motorists are now getting motor insurance quotes for third party insurance instead of comprehensive cover as they look for other ways to keep their cars on the road.
The survey conducted by a car rental company revealed just how desperate some motorists are to keep their motoring costs down. Over […]

Cargo vans the latest must have craze to hit New York

New York is a city known for its 24 hour lifestyle and the fads and fashions that make the city the most famous place on earth.
It is of course home to some of the richest people in the world, who can be seen in their ultra long and sleek limousines, however, all that is changing and the new must have acquisition in the city is a commercial vehicle insurance policy, because the new vehicle for the rich and famous is a… cargo van! Apparently the […]

Bobby vans carry on the good work

A unique community service operation has recently celebrated its 14,000th call out to the help the local population of Swindon, Wiltshire.
The Bobby Van service started out in 1998 and in the 13 years since has been giving help and advice to crime victims in the heart of the Cotswolds. The Bobby Van is in actual fact a basic police van, however, it has been converted into a mobile work station where the drivers can assess the security needs of a home that has been burgled […]

Grit boxes emptied by thieves

North Lanarkshire Council have been  appalled to find that thieves have been stealing the grit put aside to use on the roads and pavements. They are asking all residents to report the road salt thieves.
The council are cracking down on the thefts after a series of incidents during the bad weather last winter which saw the thieves unwittingly asking a senior council road official if he was interested in buying some salt at his own front door. North Lanarkshire Council are also claiming that it […]

Uninsured business goes up in smoke

A brave business women from Wiltshire saw her business go up in smoke this week and is now rueing the fact she had no commercial vehicle insurance.
Ma-Mi Hartwell had been unemployed for two years before she decided to try her hand at catering. She managed to scrape together enough money to buy a second hand burger van and set about creating her business plan, something she was eminently qualified to do as in the past she had owned her own finance company. All this year […]

Mobile phone use still a big problem

A concerted campaign to make drivers aware of the penalties, and the sometimes horrific consequences, of using a mobile phone while driving is to be launched over the winter period.
Although it is now 8 years since using a mobile phone while driving was made illegal, it still has not registered with the public in the same way as drink driving and using a seat belt has. Thousands of motorists still use their phones regularly and the problem is particularly prevalent with youngsters in their first […]