Fleet drivers are urged to buy fuel from supermarkets

The seemingly ever increasing fuel cost is still at the top of the list of concerns for fleet managers. Research by the AA shows that more and more of them are instructing their drivers to only use supermarket fuel rather than going to the branded forecourts which are currently more expensive.
The price may only be a few pence cheaper but can make a huge difference to fleet fuel bills. The latest figures on fuel prices shows that the cheapest fuel continues to be found at […]

Licence withdrawal figures on the increase

As the average age of motorists continues to grow in the UK, there has been a dramatic increase in drivers having their licence taken away from due to failing eyesight.
The latest figures available show that in 2010 just over 4,000 people had their driving licences taken away from them due to failing eyesight, the figure is almost three times the number of the licences retracted in 2005. The figure is only a small proportion of the entire driving population of the UK, it represents 100 […]

Dark nights warning for vehicle owners

With the long, dark winter nights due to begin next week vehicle thieves will become more active. A provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems is asking drivers to be extra security conscious as figures reveal that their work increases by a fifth during the dark winter months.
Tracker are the number one supplier of vehicle tracking services in the United Kingdom and have well over one million systems installed which give motorists complete peace of mind. Tracker claim their in cab technology enables them to return […]

Essex gets another drive-through Tesco supermarket

Van drivers in Essex are delighted that Tesco have opened another drive-through supermarket in Basildon, and customers are queuing up to check out a scheme which could be expanded throughout the United Kingdom.
The new idea allows all pushed-for-time motorists a chance to make a quick stop while staff load their pre-ordered shopping into the vehicle. Tesco bosses officially opened the permanent drive-through last week, and the new venture has created fifteen much needed new jobs for local residents. The first customers who rolled up […]

TV show highlights desperation of van drivers

A recent TV programme has illustrated the problems many van drivers are encountering with the high cost of fuel, and how some are reckless enough to chance having the van they have covered with commercial vehicle insurance confiscated because they are using red diesel to save money.
BBC’s Panorama programme highlighted the number of commercial drivers who are losing their livelihood and their vehicles because they have used illegal fuel. The drivers almost all said they used red diesel simply because they could not afford the […]

Workers continue to escape driving bans by using loophole

Two commercial van drivers from Leeds are still legally driving on the roads of the United Kingdom despite having clocked up 27 and 28 points respectively on their licences. This is despite the maximum number of points before a ban is imposed being for most drivers 12pts.
Driving charity Brake worked with a vehicle insurance company and found that around 44% of motorists who get to 12 points or more on their licence are not being banned. In Leeds one driver who has 27 points for […]

Case dropped after criminal decides not to testify in court

Businessman Steve Coupland was shocked to find out that the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) insisted he was charged after he fought off a violent burglar who was attempting to break into his van.
But after a year long fight to clear his name, the case against him collapsed after the criminal Matthew Higgins refused to go to court and give evidence, claiming he got what he deserved. Steve Coupland had never been in trouble with the police before the incident but after seeing his van – […]

Local councils to spend less on road maintenance in effort to balance the books

Just over 50% of local authorities are cutting their road maintenance budgets for the next year as the austerity cuts demanded by the Government take hold. Cuts of up to £17 million will be made as local councils reduce spending in an attempt to save money.
The findings in the research has led to warnings from the leading vehicle breakdown and glass repair companies that drivers safety may be at risk from the deteriorating road network which may not be repaired. The biggest cut will be […]

Longer Artics to be seen on UK roads as trial gets the go ahead

After a surprise announcement by Roads Minister Mike Penning yesterday, hauliers in the UK may now be purchasing commercial van insurance for longer vans and trucks.
The minister said that a ten year trial involving longer articulated Lorries would commence shortly. The trial will see 900 Lorries with an extra 2 metre length allowed on the roads and a further 900 with an extra length of just 1 metre. Both sets of vehicles will still be limited to the current weight limit of 44 tonnes.
The trial […]

Fleet buyers rally September car sales

Buyers with an interest in motor insurance quotes are proved to be the major players in new car sales last month, according to figures from one of the UK’s most reliable sources of motoring activity.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) report a big uptake in the purchase of new cars by businesses saved September from being a disaster for new vehicle registrations. September is traditionally one of the best months for car sales with customers looking to buy a vehicle with a new […]