Mercedes launch the E-Cell

Van drivers in the UK will be looking on with interest as their German counterparts take part in trials, which will see the launch of the first battery powered light commercial vehicle, that is factory built, on the roads of Europe.
Mercedes have unveiled the Vito E-Cell, and are trialing the silent, emission free vehicle in Germany over the next few months, before going into full factory production, which will see the green van all over the countries of the EU including the UK.
The vans being […]

Speeding fines high in the West Country

A report published over the weekend shows van drivers in the West Country, along with ordinary motorists, are being saddled with higher motoring fines as a result of speed cameras than anywhere else in the country except for the capital.
The report by the Taxpayers Alliance group says that in 2008/9, the latest years available with data motorists in Avon and Somerset were fined a grand total of £3,491,340 after being caught exceeding the limit on speed cameras.
Jennifer Dunn an analyst for the Taxpayers Alliance said […]

Ice cream van for dogs

Think of vans associated with dogs and the mind immediately goes to the council dog catcher or perhaps a mobile pet grooming business, well the world is about to see a new van designed for dogs starting this weekend.
It is well documented that the UK is a nation of animal lovers and owners of dogs in the capital have the chance to indulge their canine chums that little bit more than usual. This Saturday, July 24th at the Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park, London, […]

MP looks for radical change on UK motorways

The nations van drivers, especially those travelling long distances, could well be getting price quotes for individual journeys as well as their commercial vehicle insurance if the Government takes up the suggestion of one of its MP’s.
Tim Yeo, speaking in his role as Chairmen of the Commons energy and climate select committee, is advocating the Government sell off huge chunks of the country’s motorway network.
He believes the sell off would raise funds for a cut in fuel duty and, privatisation would in itself see large […]

Council target prison vans

A London council have managed to upset van drivers, the company they work for and the general public at large with their policy on issuing parking tickets to a firm responsible for an unusual cargo.
Croydon Council parking attendants are issuing tickets to prison vans delivering and picking up prisoners outside Croydon County Court and although the council says it has only issued two tickets to prison vans, court employees say that vans are ticketed on a daily basis.
Serco, the company involved say, like their cargo, […]

Used vans a vehicle of choice!

A report from one of Britain’s universities suggests that more van drivers than ever could be looking for cheap commercial vehicle insurance in the future, as used vans could well be in high demand and the vehicle of choice for many businesses.
A team led by Professor Peter Cooke at the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Automotive Management, believe that second hand commercial vehicles will become highly sought after vehicles because of their career longevity.
The report was published by British Car Auctions (BCA), who sends significant […]

Van Dealer in “clocking” scam

A van dealer in Bristol stands accused of “clocking” almost a million miles off of a number of vans he sold to unsuspecting members of the public.
A jury at Bristol crown court were told that a local motor dealer had made a lucrative business out of buying vans and motors with very high mileage on them, and then resetting the odometer on the vehicles to show a much smaller figure. It is claimed he actually deducted over 400,000 miles from one vehicle.
The case was brought […]

Parking problems in Cornwall

Council chiefs in Cornwall are putting their parking plans under review after locals protested about van drivers taking advantage of the system.
The problem is occurring in West Cornwall where camper van drivers are parking overnight in lay-bys and roads that have no parking restrictions. Local residents are concerned because some of the campervans are stopping there for a whole fortnight which in turn is stopping them from taking advantage of the free parking.
One area where this has become a problem is Marazion. The sea wall […]

White Van Man Mark II

It appears that the city of London is discovering an altogether different breed of White Van Man, and the new species has been brought about due to the ever spiralling cost of living in the capital.
Apparently converting the common or garden white van into ones home from home is de rigeur for some of London’s residents. Kit Hesketh-Harvey, a columnist for the London Evening Standard, has become one of the latest converts himself saying the white van accommodation has many great features.
The cost of buying […]

Going Green to be made easier

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond revealed yesterday the details of two new schemes that are aimed at helping both public bodies and bus companies to increase their green vehicle fleets. Mr Salmond announced that a fund of almost £8 million is available to get many more green vehicles on the roads.
£4.3 million will be given to Local councils which will help them cover the cost between buying normal petrol /diesel vehicles and the better for the environment electric cars and vans. The rest (£3.4) will […]