Vans top the bill at conference

The forthcoming Freight Transport Association’s Utilities and Civil Engineering Conference will give commercial vehicle contractors particularly involved with the utilities sector, a chance to get to grips with the new and impending changes regarding transport legislation and enforcement issues.
Managers and contractors in the utility sector are being presented with new and complicated compliance factors and challenging legislative issues that come about primarily because of the range of different transport fleets used in the sector, and the backup role of commercial vehicles in the carrying out […]

Van drivers warned about insurance cover

In a recent survey commissioned by a motoring group, it appears that the time van drivers spend trying to get a competitive commercial vehicle insurance quote, could well be a waste of time as many of them invalidate their insurance cover routinely every day.
According to a study by the Fuelcard Company 21% of the van drivers interviewed said they left their van unattended while actually delivering parcels to customers and often with the keys in the vehicle and the engine running. It may well be […]

Van Drivers tipped off

Van drivers in a North Western town are coming to terms with the news that they are no longer welcome at some of the local council’s tipping sites.
Council bosses in Wigan, Lancashire have decided to exclude vans, trailers and vehicles requiring permits from using two of the tipping sites in the borough. Apparently Household Waste Recycling Centres are becoming congested as the local population have enthusiastically grasped the “green” message of recycling to help the environment.
Dr Gail Robinson the council’s manager of Waste Disposal and […]

Van drivers at risk from Legionnaires Disease

According to a report issued by the Health Protection Agency for England and Wales, van drivers have something a lot more serious to worry about than the price of their commercial vehicle insurance.
The report suggests that windscreen wiper water is a major cause of Legionnaires disease. The disease is somewhat rare in the UK with around 350 cases reported last year, but the researchers feel that 20% of these could have been caused by the stagnant water in windscreen wiper systems.
The discovery came about when […]

Stay of execution for older vans

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has decided to defer a decision to include large vans into regulations controlling London’s Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) until 2012.
Originally it was planned to instigate phase 3 of the LEZ later this year but instead the Transport For London (TFL) executives have decided to launch a public consultation into the inclusion of vans into the LEZ in January 2012. The document stipulates that the “oldest, most-polluting larger vans” (i.e. those between 1.2-tonnes and 3.5-tonnes GVW) must meet at least Euro-3 […]

LPG vehicles, just as clean as electric?

Fleet managers at some of the UK’s biggest companies will have an extra consideration to make this year when it comes to contract renewal, as a new company is offering LPG vans to business customers who are interested in cutting fuel costs.
Auto LPG Vehicle Hire (ALVH) are a new company with just three vans at the moment but are looking to rapidly expand their business when consumers realise how much more economical LPG vehicles can be.
At the moment the company is renting the vans out […]

Electric vans introduced to fleet pool

Nottingham City Council will be getting quotes for commercial vehicle insurance on electric vans from now on, as they announce they have purchased two electric vans to complement their electric pool cars.
The Nottinghamshire Council have procured the vans to enhance their commitment to providing a transport fleet that is primarily based on low carbon emission vehicles. The vans which were purchased from Smiths Electric Vehicles fit in very well with the initiative as they are zero carbon rated.
Further good news for council tax payers in […]

Change will not be for the best if you do not tell your insurers

In a report out today van drivers are being warned that they must declare any modifications made to their vehicle or the commercial vehicle insurance policy they have could well be invalidated.  The modifications may be performance or cosmetic related but could affect the yearly price of the insurance policy.  If the owner does not tell the insurance company of the changes, insurers quite often will not pay out on any claim made.
Some of the most popular modifications made to work vans that should always […]

Electric Vans get the green light

News that the North American commercial vehicle market will soon have its first fully Electric Van is bound to cause excitement and expectation amongst van drivers here in the UK.
The Ford Transit Connect electric van will go on sale next spring and the company that is to oversee final assembly in the USA is AM General, not the likeliest of partners in assembly of environmentally friendly vehicles as they are best known as the producers of the Humvees and Hummers, some of the heaviest fuel […]