Stuck behind a white van man? Consider it a sign of a good economy

White Vans on the RoadWhite van men often get a bad rap as people still consider them to be some of the worst drivers on the UK’s roads. In fact, in a survey of 1000 people taken earlier this year, 43% said that men who drive white vans are the worst drivers on the road. Now, before you start ranting and raving over this harsh claim, both the AA and […]

Is your van affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal?

Volkswagen Emissions ScandalFor decades Volkswagen has been a huge name in the commercial vehicle industry, manufacturing hundreds of different models for businesses and individuals worldwide. This is why the revelation earlier this month that the company had been cheating emission tests caused major shockwaves, leading to CEO Martin Winterkorn stepping down and Matthias Mueller taking his place.
At the time of writing it is currently predicted that 11million […]

Record number of vans registered in 2015

Image of Ford TransitRecent figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show the popularity of vans among commercial vehicle drivers is at an all-time high.
The report shows that nearly 100,000 vans were registered in the first three months of 2015. A 22% year-on-year increase, the number is the highest since records began in 1987.
Along with the recovering economy and vast range of tempting finance deals from […]

How can Commercial Vehicle pollution be reduced?

Image of Zero Emissions VanOver the past fifty years an increasing amount of commercial vehicles have been using the UK’s roads, meaning that at the same time traffic and pollution have also increased. To make matters worse, it has recently been announced that diesel powered engines are extremely bad for both the environment and the public and have even been linked to thousands of deaths.

EU Safety Rules for Lorries meet Delays

Image of lorriesIt is a sad fact that a substantial number of cyclists both in the UK and Europe have been involved in accidents with lorries, with one of the main reasons behind this being that lorries have large blind spots which cyclists are often caught in. This is why Mayor of London Boris Johnson has recently put forward proposals to the EU to change the design of lorries throughout Europe so that they have better […]

Could better roads improve the UK’s logistics industry?

Image of David CameronIf there is one thing that all logistics companies and commercial vehicle drivers hate it’s traffic on the roads. Not only does traffic mean that companies have to spend more time on each delivery but it also leads to commercial vehicles emitting more carbon which damages the environment and wastes hundreds of pounds in fuel. This is why many will be pleased to hear that earlier this week the Prime Minister David Cameron […]

Is your Van giving the Wrong Impression?

Image of white vanCommercial vehicles are not often associated with luxury as more often than not tradesmen buy commercial vehicles based on their value for money and ability to aid them during their day to day tasks. However, even though most people don’t automatically think of vans as luxury vehicles that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yours well maintained. In fact, a recent report has shown that having a badly maintained van could give the wrong […]

Volvo creates Methane powered Truck

Image of Volvo LogoCommercial vehicle manufacturers around the world have spent a considerable amount of time and money over the past few years creating alternatives to traditional fuel powered vehicles. One of the most popular forms of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles is electric vans and trucks, such as ePower Truck’s Flex L3 which was first sold earlier this month to Newcastle University. The truck is being used as a catering vehicle which delivers food and drink […]

Burnt Tree bought by Commercial Vehicle giant Enterprise

Image of Enterprise Rent-A-CarEnterprise Rent-A-Car is known as one of the largest vehicle rental companies in the world with thousands of locations based in numerous countries. Since Enterprise was first introduced in the UK their popularity has gone from strength to strength, making it a multi-billion dollar company. Now, the car rental giant has acquired commercial vehicle rental specialist Burnt Tree in their mission to dominate the sector.

Daimler to create Driverless Trucks

Over the past few years numerous companies have announced that they are working on technology in order to create autonomous (aka driverless) vehicles. However, most of these companies have been mainly focussed on creating driverless car technology instead of looking at ways to make commercial vehicles driverless.
Now, commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler has announced that they are attempting to create driverless technology not just for light commercial vehicles but also heavy duty trucks. Driverless technology for these types of vehicles has only been somewhat […]