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Any driver van insurance is a cost effective way of insuring a group of people to drive a van whether that be for commercial or private use. Multi driver insurance policies is the affordable way of running a company that relies on multiple people driving business vans and lorries.

Many businesses will have multiple vans on the road for the majority of the week and these vans will need to be used by multiple employees. Our commercial van insurance policies allow you to insure a list of drivers with our any driver fleet insurance.

We are also one of the cheapest providers of multi driver insurance for private and family use. If you have a van or lorry that you use privately you can insure several drivers to drive the family van. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, take a look at our short term policies, this allows you to only insure each driver as and when they need to drive the vehicle.

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Why you should invest in multi driver insurance?

The benefits of having a commercial any driver policy it that it opens up your businesses versatility when operating your vans. By adding all employees that could need use of the van to your policy you allow more flexibility within your business.

We can help you find one of the very best comprehensive policies for your any driver fleet policy. You will be surprised as to just how inexpensive your any driver insurance policy can be.

Our process is a quick and easy solution to insuring multiple drivers today.

What is a multi-driver van policy?

The term ‘any driver’ isn’t literal but what is does mean is that you can insure a list of named drivers onto one lorry or a fleet of vans. As long as each driver has been named and registered onto the policy, they are free to drive it within your policy guidelines.

If you have any further questions about our any driver van insurance policies feel free to get in touch with us via phone on 0800 58 11 03, or to get your free quote today using our fill in our van insurance calculator!

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