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Digital vans used to reduce crime in Manchester

According to the news today there are around sixty thousand people in the UK right now who are currently on police bail, many of which have been so for a number of years. This has led to a number of MPs looking to reduce the amount of time each person can be on bail to just 28 days, and now the police in Wakefield the Greater Manchester Police have also come up with a way to name and shame those who have skipped bail.

Commercial Vehicle Group announces new CEO

One of the biggest commercial vehicle companies in the world, Commercial Vehicle Group, has announced that they have appointed a new CEO and President. Richard “Rich” Lavin was chosen by the company due to the fact that he has spent the last twenty eight years working in the commercial vehicle industry, and therefore has an extensive knowledge of the markets. Before being appointed President and CEO of the Commercial Vehicle Group, Mr Lavin worked for the commercial vehicle giant Caterpillar Inc. where he […]

Owner paints truck pink for charity

When it comes to choosing signage for your vans most owners think about how they will benefit the company and have their name seen by the general public. Signage can often be expensive, which is why van insurance providers usually charge higher premiums for those with complex signage on their vans. However, one van owner from Lower Oddington, Gloucestershire has decided to do things a little bit differently – and for a very noble cause – by painting his recovery truck bright pink […]

General Motors to create new Chevrolet van

It was announced yesterday that the vehicle manufacturing giant General Motors has struck a deal with Nissan Motor Co. so that they can rebrand their NV200 van into the 2015 Chevrolet City Express. Nissan released that NV2000 only last month, however GM has been impressed and have therefore asked the company to use their design in order to re-enter Chevrolet into the van market in late 2014.

Van manufacturers concerned over new emissions vote

Van manufacturers and those that work in the van industries have been extremely concerned today over the fact that the European Parliament’s Environment Committee decided to vote in favour of reducing CO2 emissions in vans. Even though van manufacturers are already working hard to improve the carbon emissions of their vans, the European Automobile Association (ACEA) has claimed that the new plans are too strict, and will end up harming the commercial vehicle industry as a whole.

Mobile Phone Storage Trucks becoming popular in New York

In order to keep the commercial vehicle sector successful there needs to be a certain amount of innovation, which is why so many commercial vehicle manufacturers are working closely with engineers and designers in order to create new vehicles that are cheap to run, reliable, and only need cheap commercial van insurance. However, in order to protect commercial vehicle industries it’s not just vehicle manufacturers that need to think of new ways to improve the commercial vehicle market, but also those that own the […]

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing in UK Decreases

It has been announced today that in Europe the number of new registrations for commercial vehicles has dropped by 9.8 per cent, meaning that in the first quarter of 2013 commercial vehicle sales have decreased by eleven per cent in total. In March alone, France reported that the number of new commercial vehicle registrations dropped by 10.2%, with other companies such as Spain and Italy reporting a higher decrease with 20.2% and 20.3% respectively.

Trouble for Ice Cream Van Owners

The weather is starting to get warmer, which means that soon we should expect to hear the chimes of ice cream vans all across the UK. However, in the future this British tradition may be no more due to the fact that some councils are planning on bringing in plans to reduce the amount of emissions these vehicles emit each year. So far, Sheffield City Council has already gone ahead with their plans which state that ice cream vendors must buy a new van […]

Ford Fiesta Van: New Launch

Smaller vans are starting to become majorly popular among fleets looking to downsize to save money and cut down on vehicle bangs and scrapes.
It’s all about choosing the right vehicles that are fit for your purpose of purchasing, and this has seen a growing number of van makers enter the picture.
Ford spotted this open opportunity a very long time ago with its original Fiesta Van, launched just a short period of time after the first Fiesta car was released in the late 1970s.
The most recent […]

Impressive Iveco display at Commercial Vehicle Show

Today is the last day of the Commercial Vehicle Show, and so far we have reported on Ford’s all new Transit range, Citreon’s Berlingo Electric and the Transport Secretary visiting the show in order to discuss the future of the commercial vehicle industry with event organisers. However, today we are focussing on the heavy commercial vehicle sector, especially as we have recently seen articles praising commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco’s stand at the show.
Iveco definitely pulled out all the stops for this year’s show, especially […]