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2014 Commercial Vehicle Show Increases UK Business

This year’s Commercial Vehicle Show was held between the 29th April and the 1st of May, however even though it’s been a few weeks since it ended we are still seeing new stories discussing companies that have benefitted from it. The Commercial Vehicle Show (also known as the ‘CV Show’) is one of the biggest events in anyone who works in the commercial vehicle industry’s calendar, as each year hundreds of exhibitors – including some of the biggest names in the industry – display […]

New HGV Levy Launched in the UK

At the beginning of this month new legislation came into place which means that from now on all foreign Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) must pay to use the UK’s roads. The government has implemented what is called the ‘HGV Road User Levy’ in order to maintain the UK’s roads which are regularly subjected to wear and tear by foreign HGVs. Many other countries already charge foreign HGVs for driving on their roads, which means the new levy is levelling the playing field for […]

Commercial Vehicle News Round-Up

Here at VanQuoteDirect we regularly update our readers with all the hottest news and rumours from the commercial vehicle sector, and it seems as though the last couple of weeks have been very busy for some! Naturally, there has been some good news as well as some bad, as while a number of newer van models have been recalled, older vehicles are apparently retaining their value. Here we look at the stories in more detail:

Commercial Vehicle Companies adapting for 2014

VanQuoteDirect always strives to provide our readers with all the latest news on the state of the commercial vehicle sector, and just last month we reported how the UK commercial vehicle market has been improving. Now, commercial vehicle businesses worldwide are adapting their strategies in order to streamline and secure success over the upcoming year.

New technology created for trucks transporting vehicles

A large percentage of haulage trucks are generally used to transport heavy goods such as furniture when someone chooses to move house, however due to their size they can also be adapted to transport other goods. For instance, many people who are moving long-distances have chosen to have one of their cars transported in trucks that are equipped with specifically designed ramps. However, traditional ramps have not always been the safest leading to some vehicles arriving at the destinations damaged, which means that […]

Pick-up trucks proving popular with customers

So far, 2013 has been a difficult year for the commercial vehicle market, especially as it seems that every time the market improves a short while later it slumps once again. This is true of May this year, as sales of light commercial vehicles dropped by a 4.7 per cent compared to April where the number of vehicles sold actually increased by 43 per cent compared to the same time last year.

New technologies change the face of news trucks

If you watch any old film where a news crew turns up you will probably see them arrive in a giant truck filled with equipment and the technology to broadcast live from the scene. However, this soon may be a thing as the past as new broadcasting technology is now smaller and more intricate which means that news crews are now opting to invest in smaller vans and pick-ups instead of trucks and heavier commercial vehicles.

Fleet owners investing in new high-quality vehicles

Even though the amount of new registrations for commercial vehicles has decreased in the UK recently, it doesn’t mean that fleet operators are not always on the lookout for new vehicles which can help them reduce costs. Furthermore, as most companies are extremely careful when it comes to spending money right now, new vans need to not only save fleet operators money but also be reliable enough that they last a number of years.

Welsh company provides black boxes for commercial vehicles

As the cost of fuel is currently so expensive there has been an increase in interest in ‘black boxes’, or telematics, which can be installed into vehicles and monitor driving patterns. Black boxes can provide information on any person’s driving patterns, and so can alert them to how they can improve in order to cut down on fuel wastage. Furthermore, they can reduce the cost of insurance for owners as some insurance companies are now offering flexible insurance schemes which can reduce in […]

Citroen Vans strikes deal with Discovery Network

One of the great things about vans is that they are made to withstand wear and tear, which is one of the reasons why they are used for logistical purposes as well as in the construction industry. However, it now seems that Citroen are planning on marketing their commercial vehicles to a new demographic as they have recently teamed up with the Discovery Network in order to have a range of their vehicles advertised between their programmes.