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Is your Van giving the Wrong Impression?

Image of white vanCommercial vehicles are not often associated with luxury as more often than not tradesmen buy commercial vehicles based on their value for money and ability to aid them during their day to day tasks. However, even though most people don’t automatically think of vans as luxury vehicles that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yours well maintained. In fact, a recent report has shown that having a badly maintained van could give the wrong […]

‘Roadcheck 2013’ begins across America

In some of our previous articles we have discussed organised spot checks on commercial vehicles throughout the UK; however these are often random and only take place in one town at a time. Yet in America they do things differently, as every year they have the annual nationwide commercial vehicle ‘Roadcheck’ where hundreds of trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles are pulled over to make sure that they are road legal and that the drivers are safe to be on the road.

Three day Canadian commercial vehicle inspection reveals shocking results

The safety of commercial vehicles is of the utmost importance not just so that the drivers are safe, but also their cargo and other road users. Furthermore, logistics and transport firms often own a number of heavy commercial vehicles that travel worldwide, meaning that they need to make an extra effort to keep their vehicles up to standard. This is why it’s good to hear that in Edmonton in Canada there was a three day long Joint Forces Commercial Vehicle Inspection that checked 364 vehicles […]

New ‘E-service’ to help with the Maintenance of Commercial Vehicles

Keeping up with maintaining and repairing commercial vehicles can be extremely time consuming, however if you fall behind with your repairs you could find that your commercial vehicle insurance becomes void, meaning that if you have an accident you will have to pay for the costs yourself. In Northern Ireland there recently have been changes to the operational licence legislation, meaning that commercial drivers are now required to provide accurate and timely maintenance records for their vehicles especially if they are pulled over for […]

Mercedes Benz Dealer Given two New Locations

Mercedes Benz dealer Intercounty Truck & Van has been open now for over a decade, and due to its impressive after-sales services and countless successes, the company has been given two new locations to manage. Since 2003, Intercounty has been operating at its headquarters in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, as well as having operations in Milton Keynes and Peterborough. Furthermore, the company also operates a string of vehicle maintenance units for high-profile fleet operators at locations nationwide, and in 2009 even opened an after-sales facility […]