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Record number of vans registered in 2015

Image of Ford TransitRecent figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show the popularity of vans among commercial vehicle drivers is at an all-time high.
The report shows that nearly 100,000 vans were registered in the first three months of 2015. A 22% year-on-year increase, the number is the highest since records began in 1987.
Along with the recovering economy and vast range of tempting finance deals from […]

Van Drivers Targeted in ‘Cash for Crash’ Schemes

One of the reasons insurance for commercial vehicles is so expensive is because there are those that abuse the system, ultimately pushing up premiums. For example, some people falsely claim that they are suffering from whiplash in order to receive compensation, which had led to insurance providers increasing their premiums in order to cover their losses. There are also individuals who purposely get into accidents with other drivers in order to claim monetary compensation, otherwise known as ‘cash for crash’ schemes.

The MINI Clubvan

Over 50 years later since the very first Mini Van was released which had a pay load capacity of just 250kg and a very plain and simple interior there is a new one on the market.
Today’s MINI Van comes will all the latest technologies which is perfect for up market businesses. Whereas before you were lucky if there was a heater in your van let alone electric windows or air conditioning. With this in mind why not opt for the other small vans on the […]

What is the Public’s Opinion on Tradesmen?

A report was commissioned during July by TrustMark in which they hoped they would be able to find out the public’s opinion on British tradesmen. There were mixed results, positive and negative which outlined that overall homeowners are confident in tradesmen however rogue traders are tarnishing the industry. The results showed that because of the minority this is having an effect on the public’s opinion turning a positive into a negative.

Welsh company provides black boxes for commercial vehicles

As the cost of fuel is currently so expensive there has been an increase in interest in ‘black boxes’, or telematics, which can be installed into vehicles and monitor driving patterns. Black boxes can provide information on any person’s driving patterns, and so can alert them to how they can improve in order to cut down on fuel wastage. Furthermore, they can reduce the cost of insurance for owners as some insurance companies are now offering flexible insurance schemes which can reduce in […]

Ford Fiesta Van: New Launch

Smaller vans are starting to become majorly popular among fleets looking to downsize to save money and cut down on vehicle bangs and scrapes.
It’s all about choosing the right vehicles that are fit for your purpose of purchasing, and this has seen a growing number of van makers enter the picture.
Ford spotted this open opportunity a very long time ago with its original Fiesta Van, launched just a short period of time after the first Fiesta car was released in the late 1970s.
The most recent […]

Van owners are warned against lending their vehicles to Family and Friends

Most people that own a van or other type of commercial vehicle have at one point in time been asked by family or friends if they would lend it out to them for a short period of time in order to help transporting heavy goods or moving home. However, a study published yesterday conducted by AXA business insurance has shown that many van owners do not realise that their van insurance policies do not cover additional drivers, which means if there is an accident […]

Van Driver Stranded in Hertfordshire

A van driver had to be rescued from a flooded ford after becoming stuck while attempting to drive through it. The driver, from Stevenage, attempted to drive through 2ft 6in (75cm) of flood water at Barwick Ford, near Ware, Herts, but was forced to leave his van. Adding to this, he’ll have to have a very good van insurance policy for the damage to be covered! A member of the public called Hertfordshire Police at 12:36 GMT after he became stranded in the “fast flowing” […]

Fuel duty rise put on the hard shoulder

Holders of commercial vehicle insurance policies throughout the UK will be delighted with at least one bit of news that came out of an otherwise dire Autumn Statement delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, in the House of Commons yesterday.
The news that the proposed 3p per litre rise in fuel duty in January was cancelled had MPs clapping and cheering the Chancellor yesterday and it’s a safe bet that the news was greeted just as happily in many boardrooms and van cabs […]

Vans burnt and burgled in Lancashire towns

Van drivers in East Lancashire have been told to keep a wary eye on their vehicles this week as a spate of robberies and arson attacks have resulted in at least half a dozen vehicles covered by van insurance being damaged.
The crimes have all occurred in the Burnley and Barnoldswick area of the county and local police say at least four vans were broken into inside 12 hours. The thieves seem to have been on the lookout for expensive tools to sell on and three […]