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Decline in Tradesmen Impacts Other Sectors

It has been revealed that Britain is now faced with a lack of skilled tradesmen such as builders, bricklayers and plumbers. One top of these professions window cleaners, painters and decorators and carpenters are also on the decrease.
The worst trade to be hit is plumbers as since the recession there are 25% less people entering the trade. One reason for this is also the decline of the property market which is in the process of recovery. Another market that has been hit by fewer jobs […]

Volvo to become largest Heavy Commercial Vehicle manufacturer in the World

The Volvo Group is currently the world’s third largest manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and sold one hundred and eighty thousand units in 2011, however it is soon to become the largest producer of heavy duty trucks in the entire world due to the fact it is signing a new contract with Chinese vehicle manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Group Company Ltd (DGF). Dongfeng is currently the second largest manufacturer of heavy duty commercial vehicles in the world, and sold 186,000 units in 2011, 142,000 of […]

Van drivers the victims of exhaust thefts yet again

Van drivers and other commercial vehicle owners are being urged to increase their vehicle security this week after thieves struck several times in a Shropshire town.
Thieves in Oswestry are targeting delivery vans and specifically their catalytic converter systems. They are removing the entire exhaust systems from vans and then taking the stolen goods to scrap merchants. The converters only hold tiny amounts of precious metals in their construction but it is enough to make stealing the van parts a lucrative business. Many van drivers across […]

Van drivers twice as likely to pick up points

Startling evidence provided by van insurance providers shows that commercial drivers on average pick up twice the amount of penalty points compared to the private motorist.
The research completed by the insurance wing of leading motoring organisation the AA reveals that over 15% of commercial van drivers have picked up motoring convictions in the last five years compared to just 7.4% of car drivers. Also statistics show that they are six times more likely to be convicted for using a mobile phone when behind the wheel […]

Fleet managers are against the axing of road tax

Transport Minister Norman Baker’s prediction that road tax will be replaced by pay-as-you drive tolls is not what fleet managers with vans protected by commercial vehicle insurance want to hear as it means they will have to pay much more each year for doing their jobs.
Mr Baker feels that a projected fall in treasury fuel revenues as well as the growth in electric vehicles means a new road pricing system is inevitable. The scrapping of excise duty and a cut in fuel taxes will be […]

Thieves Target Van Exhaust Systems

Commercial vehicle insurance providers are warning van drivers in the North East to keep their vehicles under strong surveillance as thieves launch a crime spree on vehicle exhausts.
As the insurance companies report a spate of claims, police officers from Cleveland Police say thieves may be stealing exhaust systems from vehicles in the area and selling them in London and the South East. They think unscrupulous people looking to avoid penalty charges from the London Emission Zone compliance scheme are buying the stolen parts.
Brian Callendar, owner […]

Cameras turned back on and it’s no joke

Van drivers in and around Oxfordshire will have to be on their mettle once again this morning, as an old foe has once more raised its head. Although many van drivers listening to the news this morning may have thought it was an April fool’s Day joke it is in fact true that Thames Valley Police have turned back on all 72 of their fixed site road cameras.
It will be the first time since August 2010 that motorists in the County will be under surveillance […]

Fear for small businesses as toll increase looms

Van drivers with commercial vehicle insurance could be set for an increase in Humber Bridge tolls after proposed increases across the entire six vehicle categories were announced by Humber bridge officials.
Documents seen by the Grimsby Telegraph also reveal further plans to combine the classifications, making three groups instead of six, and the changes mean that small businesses are set to be the hardest hit.
The Humber Bridge was opened in July 1981 and if the plans are given the green light it will see the bridge […]

Ice cream van for dogs

Think of vans associated with dogs and the mind immediately goes to the council dog catcher or perhaps a mobile pet grooming business, well the world is about to see a new van designed for dogs starting this weekend.
It is well documented that the UK is a nation of animal lovers and owners of dogs in the capital have the chance to indulge their canine chums that little bit more than usual. This Saturday, July 24th at the Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park, London, […]

Used vans a vehicle of choice!

A report from one of Britain’s universities suggests that more van drivers than ever could be looking for cheap commercial vehicle insurance in the future, as used vans could well be in high demand and the vehicle of choice for many businesses.
A team led by Professor Peter Cooke at the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Automotive Management, believe that second hand commercial vehicles will become highly sought after vehicles because of their career longevity.
The report was published by British Car Auctions (BCA), who sends significant […]