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Study shows the importance of winter tyres

Even though the winter is coming to an end, those that invested in special tyres for the winter are now starting to see the benefits, not only when it comes to their commercial vehicles but also their wallets too! Furthermore, even though most people think that winter tyres are a frivolous investment that will only be used for a few months each year, a recent survey by ATS Euromaster called The Winter Weather survey showed that during 95 per cent of the past six […]

Logistics Company invests in Efficient Tyres

As we have discussed in some of our previous posts, logistics and transport companies are extremely important to the UK economy, and so during these difficult economic times many are looking for ways to save money without having to cut back on staff. One way is to invest in vehicles that provide good fuel efficiency, however other companies are also looking at making sure other aspects of their commercial vehicles are as efficient as possible, especially the tyres.

Tyre Defects Still Catching out Thousands of Drivers

Van drivers are once again being urged to check their tyres routinely before they set off to work each morning, as figures released by the Ministry of Justice show thousands of drivers are being fined every year for driving with illegal tyres.
The figures released by the Ministry of Justice show that in 2011, 9,639 motorists were successfully prosecuted for driving with dangerous or defective tyres. It is a well known fact that tyre faults are one of the major causes of road accidents in the […]