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Van Owners Angry at Council for Ending Free Parking in Oxford City Centre

Workers who park their vans in Oxford city centre have been hit with a new charge which will cost them hundreds of pounds a year. Until April any private contractors working in the city were able park for free if they applied for a permit. However, under the new rules, they must now apply for a £16-a-week permit for each of their vans.
Many who are affected by the new parking rules describe it as a tax on contractors by a council whose new leader said […]

Thousands of Commercial Drivers on the Wrong Tax Code

Van drivers working for companies who operate fleets of vehicles are being encouraged to check they are paying the correct amount of tax, after a poll of fleet companies found 4 in 5 of their drivers had received wrong codes from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
The astounding figure is down to the complicated tax laws that surround vehicles covered by commercial vehicle insurance. Professional fleet service company, Innovation LLP, disclosed to industry magazine Fleet News that thousands of people driving company cars will be […]

Fleet Operators call for Government to think again on tax charge

Members of an association with a vested interest in commercial vehicle insurance have this week called on the Government to scrap a tax surcharge they feel is damaging the industry.
The Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) is calling on the government to put an end to the 3% diesel company car benefit-in-kind tax surcharge. ACFO believe the tax is outdated as the benefits from driving a diesel vehicle as opposed to a petrol car have virtually disappeared and that the new breed of diesel vehicles […]

Speeding fines high in the West Country

A report published over the weekend shows van drivers in the West Country, along with ordinary motorists, are being saddled with higher motoring fines as a result of speed cameras than anywhere else in the country except for the capital.
The report by the Taxpayers Alliance group says that in 2008/9, the latest years available with data motorists in Avon and Somerset were fined a grand total of £3,491,340 after being caught exceeding the limit on speed cameras.
Jennifer Dunn an analyst for the Taxpayers Alliance said […]

MP looks for radical change on UK motorways

The nations van drivers, especially those travelling long distances, could well be getting price quotes for individual journeys as well as their commercial vehicle insurance if the Government takes up the suggestion of one of its MP’s.
Tim Yeo, speaking in his role as Chairmen of the Commons energy and climate select committee, is advocating the Government sell off huge chunks of the country’s motorway network.
He believes the sell off would raise funds for a cut in fuel duty and, privatisation would in itself see large […]