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Speed Gun Shows Drivers are Breaking the Speed Limit

The green candidate for the London Mayoral elections has decided to monitor the number of vehicles breaking Islington’s speed limit of 20mph. Jenny Jones will conduct her own research using a police-style “speed gun” after police said they had neither the manpower nor the time to enforce the lower speed limit that was introduced in October 2010.
Jenny took her radar device that was hired at a cost of £250 for the morning to Drayton Park, where she recorded many vehicles that included several that were […]

Tesco to monitor delivery drivers

The home delivery arm of Tesco are to introduce speed monitoring which will allow the company to map the speed of its delivery vans to the actual speed limit of the road the van is on.
It will enable them to identify when and where the drivers are exceeding the speed limit and allow them to take appropriate action. A speeding event will be triggered once the road limit is exceeded by 10%. The speeding system, using a combination of Microlise telematics and Navtech mapping data, […]

Speeding fines high in the West Country

A report published over the weekend shows van drivers in the West Country, along with ordinary motorists, are being saddled with higher motoring fines as a result of speed cameras than anywhere else in the country except for the capital.
The report by the Taxpayers Alliance group says that in 2008/9, the latest years available with data motorists in Avon and Somerset were fined a grand total of £3,491,340 after being caught exceeding the limit on speed cameras.
Jennifer Dunn an analyst for the Taxpayers Alliance said […]