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Fleet owners investing in new high-quality vehicles

Even though the amount of new registrations for commercial vehicles has decreased in the UK recently, it doesn’t mean that fleet operators are not always on the lookout for new vehicles which can help them reduce costs. Furthermore, as most companies are extremely careful when it comes to spending money right now, new vans need to not only save fleet operators money but also be reliable enough that they last a number of years.

Mercedes-Benz cleans up at the 2013 Van Fleet World Honours

Yesterday we discussed how Mercedes-Benz has recently teamed up with Palmer Hargreaves in order to improve their after sales loyalty service TradePartner, which will hopefully improve the company in the next few months. However, it seems as though all the effort Mercedes-Benz have put into their business previously is also paying off, as they won two awards at the 2013 Van Fleet World Honours including the overall Safety Award and Best Large Van with the Sprinter.

Mercedes-Benz focuses on commercial vehicle after-sales programme

Recently, whenever we have heard about a commercial vehicle manufacturer producing a new van or truck one of the first things that they mention is that the vehicle is good value for money and reliable. Reliability is one of the key factors for commercial vehicle customers when it comes to investing in a new vehicle, which means that more and more companies are now starting to bolster their after-sales offerings in order to retain loyalty to their brand and gain a reputation for great […]

Mercedes-Benz appoints new Account Manager

Mercedes-Benz are a well-known brand in the car market, and throughout the years even through their ups and downs they have managed to remain one of the most popular cars around the world. Now it seems that they are planning on taking the commercial vehicle market by storm, especially as they have been working with a number of companies such as bike firm Bianchi who has introduced three Duoliners into their fleet. Recent reports have also revealed that the company has decided to […]

Daimler hosts yearly Awards for dealers

Daimler has had a couple of rocky weeks recently, especially as one of their top brands – Mercedes-Benz – was fined millions of pounds due to the fact that the Office of Fair Trading found that the company had breached UK competition laws. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz revealed five new safety assist systems for all their commercial vehicles, showing that even if the company is going through a hard time right now, they are still likely to have a bright future.
Not to be […]

Mercedes-Benz fined £2.6 million

Just last week we published a story discussing how Mercedes-Benz has recently announced their five new safety systems for vans and were pleased with their success when it comes to the commercial vehicle market. However, it has now been revealed that the company is being fined £2.6 million by the Office of Fair Trading due to the fact that they have infringed on competition laws along with three of their dealers. Competition laws are taken extremely seriously by the Office of Fair Trading […]

Mercedes-Benz introduces 5 new safety systems for vans

When buying insurance for vans, you will often find that providers will look at what types of safety aspects are included in your vehicle, as these could lower the amount of your premiums. Whilst driving a commercial vehicle, safety is of the utmost importance, and it is always better to prevent an accident than deal with the consequences afterwards. This is why Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed five new safety assistance systems for all of their vans, three of which are the first of […]

Mercedes-Benz freezing prices for Commercial Vehicle service contracts

Those that own a private commercial vehicle or a manage a fleet of commercial vehicles will know the importance of keeping their vans serviced, as well as spending time on arranging MOT’s and commercial vehicle insurance. All of this can add up to be extremely time consuming and costly, so it’s good news for those that manage Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles as the company is planning on freezing the prices of their servicing contracts.
Discussing the decision, service contract manager at Mercedes-Benz UK, James Ostridge said: […]

Mercedes-Benz enters the Small Van Market

Mercedes-Benz is already well known for having a range of commercial vehicles, including the Sprinter, the Vario and the Vito. However Mercedes has now introduced the Citan, meaning that the company is now venturing out into the small van market. There is already excitement in the commercial vehicle industry for the release of the new models, and after the announcement last week from Mercedes stating that prices for the Citan will start at £13,095, demand is only set to increase.
Discussing the Citan, Steve […]