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EU Safety Rules for Lorries meet Delays

Image of lorriesIt is a sad fact that a substantial number of cyclists both in the UK and Europe have been involved in accidents with lorries, with one of the main reasons behind this being that lorries have large blind spots which cyclists are often caught in. This is why Mayor of London Boris Johnson has recently put forward proposals to the EU to change the design of lorries throughout Europe so that they have better […]

Daimler to create Driverless Trucks

Over the past few years numerous companies have announced that they are working on technology in order to create autonomous (aka driverless) vehicles. However, most of these companies have been mainly focussed on creating driverless car technology instead of looking at ways to make commercial vehicles driverless.
Now, commercial vehicle manufacturer Daimler has announced that they are attempting to create driverless technology not just for light commercial vehicles but also heavy duty trucks. Driverless technology for these types of vehicles has only been somewhat […]

‘Roadcheck 2013’ begins across America

In some of our previous articles we have discussed organised spot checks on commercial vehicles throughout the UK; however these are often random and only take place in one town at a time. Yet in America they do things differently, as every year they have the annual nationwide commercial vehicle ‘Roadcheck’ where hundreds of trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles are pulled over to make sure that they are road legal and that the drivers are safe to be on the road.

London Gateway helps Lorry Drivers save Mileage

The construction of the London Gateway is well and truly underway, and when it is finally finished lorry drivers across the UK will find themselves saving time and mileage when it comes to delivering to some of the UK’s biggest markets, including those in the South East, Midlands and the North-West. The London Gateway is being constructed on the north bank of the River Thames, and when it is completed will be the largest logistics park in the whole of Europe and will provide […]