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Could better roads improve the UK’s logistics industry?

Image of David CameronIf there is one thing that all logistics companies and commercial vehicle drivers hate it’s traffic on the roads. Not only does traffic mean that companies have to spend more time on each delivery but it also leads to commercial vehicles emitting more carbon which damages the environment and wastes hundreds of pounds in fuel. This is why many will be pleased to hear that earlier this week the Prime Minister David Cameron […]

Logistics job opportunities promoted to Lancashire Students

Since the government decided to increase the cost of university fees an increasing about of young people are looking for apprenticeships and vocational courses in order to secure them a job in the future. Many industries have been taking advantage of this fact, especially those such as logistics where many young people don’t understand how to get into the sector. This is why Matthew Kibble Transport of Lancashire has recently hosted a series of events at the local Nelson and Colne College so […]