Category: Hybrid Vans

Wheelchair accessible van manufacturer closes

The commercial vehicle industry is going through a massive shake-up at the moment, especially as governments around the world are introducing new legislations and incentives to encourage manufacturers to create more environmentally friendly vehicles. The other day we discussed how the European Parliament Committee agreed on a plan to introduce legislation meaning that all future commercial vehicles will have to have an electric speed limiter installed so that they will no longer be able to go over 75mph, however there has also been schemes […]

Hybrid Volvo trucks proving beneficial

Nearly every week we are hearing about another business or public sector group introducing hybrid commercial vehicles into their fleets in order to save money and protect the environment. Many people at first thought that hybrid commercial vehicles would be difficult to manufacturer, especially as larger vehicles need a considerable amount of power in order to run effectively. However, manufacturers have proved that it can be done, and recently we have heard how Volvo’s FE diesel hybrid trucks are actually better than their […]

Cotswold District Council invests in Hybrid Vans

For the past week we have been discussing how commercial vehicle manufacturers have been introducing new electric and hybrid versions of their models for the Commercial Vehicle Show, which are cheaper to run and better for the environment. At this point in time these types of vans are not particularly popular among the general public as they cost more to buy and cover with commercial vehicle insurance, however businesses and regulatory bodies are starting to introduce these models into their fleets meaning that we should […]