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Record number of vans registered in 2015

Image of Ford TransitRecent figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show the popularity of vans among commercial vehicle drivers is at an all-time high.
The report shows that nearly 100,000 vans were registered in the first three months of 2015. A 22% year-on-year increase, the number is the highest since records began in 1987.
Along with the recovering economy and vast range of tempting finance deals from […]

Ford plans more production of pick-up trucks

The commercial vehicle industry has been struggling somewhat in the past few years, especially due to the fact that less people are looking to buy new commercial vehicles and are instead trying to maintain theirs so that they last for a long period of time. The fact that most people don’t have a lot of disposable income anymore also means that commercial vehicle manufacturers are focusing on producing vehicles that are reliable, only need cheap commercial vehicle insurance and are fuel efficient.