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Bike firm invests in Mercedes-Benz Vans

Cyclists and commercial vehicles rarely seem to go together, and usually commercial vehicle drivers are always on the lookout for cyclists that are riding in their blind spots. However, the bike firm Bianchi has recently introduced three Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 CDI Sport Duoliners into their fleet in order to transport their technical sales staff across the UK, showing that cyclists and commercial vehicles can actually go together extremely well.

Fleet operators value Reliable Vans

Managing a fleet of vans can often be time consuming and stressful, especially if you find that a large amount of your fleet needs repairs or maintenance all at the same time. Not only is arranging repairs for a large number of vehicles time consuming, but also costly, which means that fleet operators usually look for reliable vehicles when adding to their fleet. Therefore, it is no surprise to hear that in a recent survey it was revealed that when purchasing a van, […]

Kwik-Fit expands Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Commercial vehicle fleet operators are always looking for ways to ensure that their fleets can be maintained both quickly and cheaply, which is why they invest in cheap van insurance quotes and maintenance providers that provide excellent service and are good value for money. Companies are therefore starting to introduce new services in order to gain a larger share of the market, such as Kwik-Fit who now provide mobile services for their corporate customers and are also planning on investing even more into the […]

Network Rail signs fleet management contract with BT

Network Rail is known for having one of the most complex and biggest commercial vehicle fleets in the UK, which means that it is good news for BT Fleet who has just signed a contract with them to provide fleet management. BT will now manage almost eight thousand vehicles for National Rail, starting this month and will continue for five years. Furthermore, BT Fleet will also provide fleet management services, maintenance and accident management, and third party services such as glass, tyres, road-side […]

Virgin Media installs SageQuest technology into Fleet

More and more companies are now installing new technology to their commercial vehicle fleets in order to save money and monitor the way that their vehicles are driven, and it was reported yesterday that Virgin Media has decided to install SageQuest telematics into their entire UK fleet. The company that produced SageQuest, Fleetmatics, is understandably delighted with the new contract, and has even hinted that they will gain more business in the near future, with its managing director Peter Bingham saying: “We are speaking […]

Total Accident Management wins contract with Adept Vehicle Management

Fleet owners will all know the importance of having a reliable company to help them if a vehicle from one of their fleet is involved in an accident. It’s can be time consuming enough for commercial vehicle owners to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance, but due to the very nature of running a fleet of commercial vehicles, there is not always time to deal with all the paperwork and organising repairs should one of your vehicles become damaged. Companies such as Total […]