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Is your van affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal?

Volkswagen Emissions ScandalFor decades Volkswagen has been a huge name in the commercial vehicle industry, manufacturing hundreds of different models for businesses and individuals worldwide. This is why the revelation earlier this month that the company had been cheating emission tests caused major shockwaves, leading to CEO Martin Winterkorn stepping down and Matthias Mueller taking his place.
At the time of writing it is currently predicted that 11million […]

How can Commercial Vehicle pollution be reduced?

Image of Zero Emissions VanOver the past fifty years an increasing amount of commercial vehicles have been using the UK’s roads, meaning that at the same time traffic and pollution have also increased. To make matters worse, it has recently been announced that diesel powered engines are extremely bad for both the environment and the public and have even been linked to thousands of deaths.

Volvo creates Methane powered Truck

Image of Volvo LogoCommercial vehicle manufacturers around the world have spent a considerable amount of time and money over the past few years creating alternatives to traditional fuel powered vehicles. One of the most popular forms of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles is electric vans and trucks, such as ePower Truck’s Flex L3 which was first sold earlier this month to Newcastle University. The truck is being used as a catering vehicle which delivers food and drink […]

Fleet owners investing in new high-quality vehicles

Even though the amount of new registrations for commercial vehicles has decreased in the UK recently, it doesn’t mean that fleet operators are not always on the lookout for new vehicles which can help them reduce costs. Furthermore, as most companies are extremely careful when it comes to spending money right now, new vans need to not only save fleet operators money but also be reliable enough that they last a number of years.

London Congestion Charge To Become Even More Strict In July

In a move that will no doubt affect many Van users in the London area, Mayor Boris Johnson confirmed that the city’s congestion charge is to become more stringent.From 1st July, only vehicles that emit 75g/km of CO2 or less will be exempt from the charge.

EU Parliament Committee looks to introducing speed limit for vans

If you work for a company that requires you to drive a van or other commercial vehicle as part of your job then you will probably find that some of their vehicles have speed limiters installed so that you cannot drive over sixty or seventy miles per hour. Companies install speed limiters for a number of reasons, such as to make sure that all their drivers stay under the legal speed limit and to save money on fuel. Now the European Parliament Committee […]

Ford offering more Commercial Vehicles that run on Alternative Fuels

Last week we revealed how Ford is adding a new full-sized van to its range of commercial vehicles in the form of the new Ford Transit, and now we have heard that not only will this vehicle be appealing for those looking for a new adaptable full-sized van, but also those looking for a commercial vehicle that can run on alternative fuels. In a press release, the company stated that the new Transit, as well as the smaller Transit Connect, will be able to […]

Americans criticised for converting European vans

Recently there has been an increase in demand for European style cargo-carrying vans in Northern America, which is good news for the European commercial vehicle industry. Hopefully, this increase in demand across the pond will influence the markets in the UK, meaning that more money can be invested in commercial vehicle manufacturers here in the UK. Recently, an automotive pundit from the UK visited Indianapolis in the States, and claimed that he foresaw the arrival of traditionally European van models into the American […]

Government’s Hybrid Van Incentive Ends Soon

Fleet managers are often looking for ways to save money on their vehicles, such as searching for cheap van insurance UK online, installing on-board computers that monitor how efficient each vehicle is being driven and also investing in hybrid cars that can help with the cost of petrol. Petrol costs have been rising steadily recently, and as the UK has now lost its triple A credit rating prices are expected to rise even further in the upcoming weeks.
Petrol is also known to be one […]

TNT Express invests in Natural Powered Vans

TNT Express has signed a contract with the van manufacturer Iveco in order to provide the company with one hundred and fifteen Daily vehicles that are powered with natural fuel. The vehicles run on methane gas and will be used by TNT for its express courier activities in the busy city of Rome in Italy. On the use of methane gas, Uffe Ekstedt, TNT Express Italy CEO, said that “Methane is the best short and mid-term solution for the reduction of harmful emissions […]