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Mercedes-Benz scraps electric van project

These first six months of 2013 have really been a rollercoaster ride for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, and it seems as though every time something positive happens to the company not long afterwards we hear about it struggling. At the beginning of the year it was announced that the company had been fined by the Office of Fair Trading for breaching competition laws, however since then they seem to have been faring pretty well.

‘Battery Swapping’ becoming popular for electric vehicles in China

Over the past few months we have published a number of stories concerning how the government and the EU are coming up with new ways to make commercial vehicles more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. So far the EU have announced that in the future all commercial vehicles will have to have speed limiters installed and commercial vehicle manufacturers will have to reduce the average amount of emissions to around 147 grams per kilometre.

FedEx to test Nissan’s electric van

Nissan has recently announced that FedEx will be testing their e-NV200 electric vans in Singapore before they are officially launched next year. Nissan are already known for being one of the market leaders when it comes to electric vehicles, especially after they launched the much praised Nissan Leaf. Now it seems the company is planning on entering the electric commercial vehicle market by introducing the e-NV200 which is based on the NV200 commercial van also manufactured by the company.

Center Parcs invests in Electric Vans

More and more companies and businesses throughout the UK with commercial vehicle fleets are investing in electric vans so that they can do their bit to help the environment as well as save money on fuel costs. Each week we are seeing more stories in the press concerning electric commercial vehicles – especially small vans – that are being introduced into the market in the next few months. It seems that as the visibility of vans is increasing due to commercial fleets, which […]

Manufacturer develops compact Electric Commercial Vehicle

We have already seen some automotive manufacturers developing and marketing electric vehicles across the world, however these are generally for personal use, meaning that the commercial vehicle sector is far behind when it comes to adapting vehicles with the new technology. However, electric vehicles could benefit fleet managers as they are extremely cheap to run and therefore can save companies a large amount of money, and even enable them to expand their services.
This is why Tata Technologies has recently developed a compact electric commercial […]

New Eco-Friendly Vans launched for 2013

There has already been a noticeable increase in the amount of cars on the road that are now powered by electricity or natural biofuels, however it now seems that van drivers are starting to join the trend. With the increase in petrol prices and tax for traditional petrol fuelled vehicles, it is no wonder that companies are investing in more eco-friendly vans for their fleets. One company, called Green Man & Van, have not only started using biofuel to run their vehicles, but […]

Battery swap station sparks interest in Central Europe

A Central European country is showing fleet managers in the UK a possible solution to getting the maximum road use out of their electric vans as it opens up its first battery swap station.
The innovative idea has been embraced by van drivers in Slovakia with the first swapping station opening in Bratislava, the capital, earlier this month. The station is run by low emission champions Greenway, and they claim that a battery on a 3.5 tonne van can be changed in just seven minutes, a […]

Nissan launch electric van

A Japanese car manufacturer has put the disappointment of lacklustre sales on their first electric car behind them and unveiled the prototype for its first electric van.
Nissan were the first major car manufacturers to unveil a mass production vehicle in the guise of the Nissan Leaf and although sales in Europe have not been what they were hoping for it has not stopped them launching their latest electric vehicle, the NV200 EV.
The new van will go through several competency tests before it goes into mass […]

Hydrogen Vehicles Earn All the Plaudits at All Energy Conference

While the trade in the new breed of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to struggle along, fleet managers looking to find a good alternative to diesel guzzling vans can take comfort in the news that hydrogen powered vehicles will soon be a viable alternative.
Visitors to the All Energy conference in Aberdeen this week have been treated to a glimpse of the future for motoring in the UK, and it seems more likely than ever that fleet managers will be arranging commercial vehicle insurance for hydrogen powered […]

Nissan Hope to Stay Ahead Of Their Competitors With New Electric Van

Fleet managers throughout the United Kingdom will be planning for the future after Nissan announced they are going to produce a 100% electric van (the e-NV200) that will go into production at its Barcelona plant next year.
The new van will be based on their existing award-winning NV200 which is also produced at the same plant and the van will be an important addition to Nissan’s global range of light commercial vehicles. The e-NV200 will be Nissan’s second all electric vehicle (EV) following on from the […]