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Stuck behind a white van man? Consider it a sign of a good economy

White Vans on the RoadWhite van men often get a bad rap as people still consider them to be some of the worst drivers on the UK’s roads. In fact, in a survey of 1000 people taken earlier this year, 43% said that men who drive white vans are the worst drivers on the road. Now, before you start ranting and raving over this harsh claim, both the AA and […]

New Technology Improves Journeys for Commercial Vehicles

At VanQuoteDirect we often warn commercial vehicle owners to be wary when it comes to using traditional sat-navs to guide them to their destinations, as certain roads are inaccessible or dangerous for large or heavy vehicles. This is why many commercial vehicle fleet managers choose to invest in sat-navs that are specifically made for commercial vehicles, however these can often cost hundreds of pounds each.

FTA calls for more leniency with delivery drivers

Those that work in the delivery industries will know that it can often be difficult to find somewhere suitable to park, especially if you own a particularly large vehicle and are delivering goods in an urban area. If this happens some commercial vehicle drivers try to park on private property for a short period of time while they deliver their packages, however many have found that they have come back to fixed penalty notices from traffic wardens.

‘Roadcheck 2013’ begins across America

In some of our previous articles we have discussed organised spot checks on commercial vehicles throughout the UK; however these are often random and only take place in one town at a time. Yet in America they do things differently, as every year they have the annual nationwide commercial vehicle ‘Roadcheck’ where hundreds of trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles are pulled over to make sure that they are road legal and that the drivers are safe to be on the road.

Transport bosses wary of hiring ex-public sector workers

The transport and logistics industries are key to improving the overall UK economy, which is why during the Commercial Vehicle Show the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin MP met with key industry players in order to discuss its future. Therefore it is good news to hear that many transport and logistics bosses have said that within the next year they are planning on adding to their workforce, which will not only boost the industry but also benefit vehicle insurance providers, van manufacturers […]

Parking rule changes for Commercial Vehicle owners

Commercial vehicle owners that use their vehicles when doing their jobs often find that parking fees can heavily reduce their earnings and overall income. Parking in city centres is generally extremely expensive, which is why in most cities commercial vehicles don’t have to pay if they are doing work in the immediate area. However, it has now been announced that commercial drivers will now have to pay normal parking fees in the downtown area of Portsmouth even if they are doing work.
The city’s […]

Police check vans to crack down on scrap metal thefts

Police in the West Midlands are responding to an increase in metal being stolen from buildings, structures and vehicles by performing checks on local scrap yards and vans operating in the area. In recent years, the police have been inundated with complaints from the public who had found that they had been the victim of metal theft, with around thirty-four million pounds worth of metal being stolen during the past four years. Furthermore, Network Rail reported that they had been targeted by metal […]

Scottish petrol tanker drivers go on Strike

As we all know, the recession has created difficulties for many businesses, meaning that mangers are always trying to find ways to save money. Companies that own commercial vehicles generally try to reduce costs by introducing on-board computers, or looking for cheap commercial vehicle insurance deals, however sometimes they have to make even more difficult decisions.
Recently, BP angered Scottish petrol tanker drivers’ after they transferred fifteen drivers over to the delivery firm DHL, meaning that they would lose their current pension schemes and pay […]

Van Driver angered over ‘ridiculous’ Parking Ticket

Parking in public car parks can sometimes be extremely awkward for van owners, as many are not designed for vehicles that are over a certain size. Not only can it be difficult to manoeuvre around a car park, but finding a space big enough for a van can also be a problem, and there have been many instances of people claiming on their van insurance due to the fact they have had a knock or scrape whilst trying to park.
One man from Bourne End, […]

Lorry gets stuck on small Country Road in Somerset

A few weeks ago we reported how one man had created his own road signs to prevent lorries and other large commercial vehicles from travelling down unsuitable roads in his town. Large commercial vehicle drivers should be aware that if they are travelling to an area they do not have previous knowledge of they shouldn’t just rely on their sat-navs – especially if they are traditional versions that are meant for cars and therefore can guide lorry drivers down improper routes.
This is what happened […]