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Police warn Owners over Increased Van Crime

Around this time each year van owners are reminded by police to protect their vehicles, especially if they are carrying expensive goods. In the build up to Christmas there are often reports of parcel vans being targeted by thieves looking to steal the packages inside, however it’s not just those in the delivery sector that need to be wary of thieves. In fact, there have been a number of van thefts in Derbyshire over the recent weeks, where many have been targeted for […]

Police crackdown on commercial vehicles in Sussex

Commercial vehicle owners who use their vehicles for their jobs know that it is extremely important to keep them well maintained and to make sure that they adheres to the road safety laws. Police and local councils are usually extremely strict when it comes to commercial vehicles, especially larger ones as if they are not well maintained then they can be extremely dangerous on the road and can even cause accidents. This is why police in Peacehaven, Sussex recently stopped a number of […]

Craven investing in Speed Camera vans

Local councils are often called upon to tackle the problem of speeding in towns and villages, especially if there is a certain road that becomes notorious for dangerous drivers and accidents. For example, local residents living near the A65 and the A629 in South Craven, North Yorkshire have recently complained to their local their police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan about people driving too fast along these roads, which is why Ms Mulligan has decided to introduce three speed camera vans into the area.

SmartWater targets Commercial Vehicle thieves

Commercial vehicle owners and fleet managers are often wary when it comes to being targeted by thieves, especially when it comes to catalytic converter thefts as the parts can be sold on due to the fact that they contain precious metals. This is why the company SmartWater has created a High Temperature Marker that which means that any catalytic converter can be easy traced and identified as being stolen, which they hope will act as a huge deterrent to thieves nationwide.

Man pays £1,000 reward for found Van

When looking for van insurance quotes, the price of premiums are based on not only what type of commercial vehicle you own, but also what level of cover you need. The most basic level insurance for vans is third party fire and theft, which is generally not very helpful for those that drive their vehicles on a daily basis, as if you are in accident you will have to pay for the damages yourself. However, this type of insurance does cover you for […]

Thieves Targeting Van Exhausts

Over the past few weeks van drivers have been warned that there have been a growing number of thefts, especially of parcel vans containing packages for Christmas. However, van drivers now have a new concern, especially across Sussex where thieves are stealing exhausts from vans that are parked outside owner’s houses.
Self-employed tradesmen are being left with bills of thousands of pounds due to the fact that their exhausts are being ripped off from underneath their vehicles. Those that are without van insurance are […]

Removal Van Stolen with Family’s Possessions Inside

A family of four from Huntingdonshire have lost all their possessions after their removal van was stolen. The family – who have asked not to be named for fear that they will be targeted again – said that they were devastated and are appealing for the thieves to return toys and other items that belong to their children.
The theft happened last week, where the thirty five foot Scania lorry – which itself is worth between fifteen and twenty thousand pounds – was stolen from […]

Parcel Van Theft Increasing Over Christmas Period

Parcel van drivers are being warned that there has been an increase in thefts and attacks in the past few weeks leading up to the Christmas period. Across the UK there have been multiple reports of van drivers being attacked and their vehicles being stolen in order to gain access to the packages in the loading area.
In Austrey, Tamworth, a van driver was attacked and robbed of his van as he delivered a parcel. The incident happened on Warton Lane on Friday the […]

Police Use New Camera Vans to Monitor Level Crossings

Since April of this year there have been 78 reported incidents across the Thames Valley of drivers misusing railway level crossings. In the town of Shiplake in Oxfordshire alone there have been forty-four incidents of misuse and eleven near misses reported in the past three years. In order to prevent drivers from risking the lives of themselves and others local police have introduced a purpose built camera van to monitor the crossing and act as a deterrent to reckless drivers.
British Transport Police are […]

Cold front develops in Blackburn as ice cream vendors go to war

A street battle between two owners of ice cream vans ended up in court this week, with a YouTube video ending up as the star witness.
When former Mr Yummy driver Zeheer Ramzan found Mr Whippy van vendor Mohammed Mulla in the same street and selling ice cream to what he considered his own customers Ramzan lost his “cool”. Although Ramzan had admitted to causing criminal damage and possession of a weapon in a public place he had denied assaulting Mulla. However, unknown to Ramzan […]