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Lorry restriction in Islington causing havoc

Generally, owners of large commercial vehicles are used to hearing residents complain about lorries driving through their towns, and many local councils often build lorry restrictions so that large commercial vehicles can only travel on certain roads. However, residents and business owners in Islington are actually calling for a lorry restriction to be removed from Drayton Park road as they claim that it is causing more problems than it is helping, and that they never had a problem with lorries passing through the area […]

Scottish Minister debating increasing HGV speed limit to 50mph

Safety is always a concern with HGV drivers. Due to their size they are often required to drive at lower speeds than most other vehicles in order to avoid accidents and having to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance. This however can cause a huge amount of frustration to other drivers on the road, especially on single lane carriageways, and there have been numerous accidents caused by drivers attempting to overtake HGVs.
In order to combat this, the Scottish government is debating whether to […]

Technology Can Play a Big Part in Fighting Congestion in the Future

Fleet managers are being advised to embrace technology if they are to combat the increasing levels of congestion on the roads of the United Kingdom. The Department for Transport (DfT) predicts that by 2030, the number of vehicles on the road will have increased by between 25% and 30%.
The Automotive Council has published a report recognising the increasing role of intelligent transport systems used by fleets, such as real-time vehicle tracking and they also predict that these will need to interact with both new and […]

No Jams for Vans this Easter?

The run up to the Easter bank holiday has traditionally provided commercial vehicle owners with problems due to congested roads, however, traffic experts are predicting an easier time this year as several issues combine to promise free flowing motorways.
Despite a poll of 20,000 AA members indicating over 3 in 10 would be travelling over 50 miles on the Easter weekend; road experts believe traffic congestion will be at its lowest level for some years which should allow hauliers and delivery drivers to get their deliveries […]

Fuel Pump Queues Develop after Minister's Faux Pas

Van drivers can expect longer than usual queues for petrol this morning after a government minister encouraged motorists to fill up whenever possible and store fuel in jerry cans.
With the threatened strike action by tanker drivers hanging over the country as it approaches the Easter break, motorists have started panic buying, causing long queues at petrol stations throughout the country and leading to some garages running out of fuel. Commercial drivers accustomed to driving to tight schedules are now facing delays due to what is […]

“Games Lanes” not a winner with London residents

A recent survey by the Daily Telegraph has highlighted that the citizens of London are none too pleased about the plans designed by the Transport for London (TfL) committee to segregate Olympic VIPs from the general motoring public while the Olympic Games take place.
9 in 10 of those questioned said they thought the plans were excessive and many tradesmen, with vehicles covered by commercial vehicle insurance, were concerned about their businesses being affected by the new road layouts.
The trouble emanates from the Transport for London […]