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Toll for Blackwall Tunnel proposal comes out of the blue

Motorists in the London area will be unhappy to discover that driving is about to become more expensive still as they face yet another toll charge.
A Transport for London (TfL) executive has announced it will introduce a toll on the current Blackwall Tunnel to raise funds for the multi million pound new crossing at Silverton which would link up Thamesmead and Beckon. The new charge will affect everyone but drivers of vehicles typically covered with commercial vehicle insurance will be particularly upset as it will […]

Have you seen a white van Guv?

Northern Ireland’s Roads Minister, Danny Kennedy, has denied declaring war on the motorists of Northern Ireland despite yet another initiative from his office threatening to leave Ulster’s motorists more frustrated than ever.
The latest policy to emanate from the department involves vehicles parked on clearways and bus lanes. In future drivers leaving their vehicles in these areas will be fined £90, have their vehicles removed and clamped. It is where they are taken that will cause most concern for the drivers as the department confirms there […]

Members of the Edinburgh Ecostars scheme continue to reap the benefits

Nine months after joining an environmental fleet recognition scheme, several businesses in Edinburgh have managed to gain top level accreditation passes after changes in criteria for the awards were implemented.
The main changes to the Ecostars criteria is the incorporation of Euro VI engines, additional exhaust after-treatment systems, a wider range of alternative fuels and the addition of new categories which include 5 Star Gold for both commercial vans and fleet operators. Edinburgh based company Greggs have advanced from being a four-star member to a five-star […]

Prices at the pumps could spell the end for free delivery

Research carried out by The Fuelcard Company has revealed that the increasing cost of fuel may well see the end of online retailers offering free delivery. It is bad news all round as 96% of online shoppers say free delivery is one of the major reasons they shop online and many commercial vehicle insurance policies are sold to delivery firms who only exist because of online trade.
The Government’s failure to control fuel prices and the extortionate levels of fuel duty firms are forced to pay […]

Fleet managers embracing eco-driving by their staff

Research carried out by Autoglass has shown that commercial vehicle drivers are being told by their fleet managers to keep their speed at a moderate pace in order to curb fuel consumption.
Prices at the fuel pumps have led to a change in attitudes towards driving and none have been affected more than drivers typically covered by commercial vehicle insurance. With close to half of male drivers (48%) admitting to not accelerating as aggressively as they would have done ten years ago, the price of fuel […]

Van sales show signs of recovery

Commercial vehicle insurance providers will have taken note of the small increase in van sales in the month of September and hope it heralds a bright last quarter of 2012 for a market that has been in the doldrums.
Although the percentage increase in van sales was nowhere near the heady 8% car manufacturers experienced, it was still better than the previous few months and the 1.1% increase meant that over 39,000 new vans were registered in the month. The slight increase was not enough to […]

Auction of old Ford van causing a stir in the Dales

One of the most famous delivery vans of all time will be coming up for auction in the next few weeks, and collectors of model cars can hardly contain their excitement.
The old Ford Model 8 van, once belonging to C Pearson and advertising his quality carpets, is expected to attract bidders from all over the world when it comes up for auction in Thornton-le-dale near Pickering North Yorkshire. The majority of bidders although never having held a commercial vehicle insurance policy in their life will […]

Abandoned garden turns out to be a van cemetery

Council workers in Cheshire are expecting to spend a whole week clearing commercial vehicles plus parts of other vehicles from the garden of a picturesque cottage in the heart of Cheshire.
So far council bosses have revealed that workers clearing the unoccupied property have removed four Sherpa Vans, a Ford Transit van, three small trailers, a caravan, a horsebox, a Hillman Hunter car and one very old and rusty Ford Anglia from the site, none of which appear to have been covered with commercial vehicle insurance […]

Council convert vans to Masternaut vehicle tracking system

Northumberland County Council has introduced Masternaut’s vehicle tracking solution to their fleet of vans to improve the efficiency of road maintenance, traffic management and repairs to the thousands of properties across the county.
Thanks to Masternaut’s real-time, web-based system, the council are now able to monitor and coordinate its fleet using knowledge of vehicle whereabouts to manage job scheduling by quickly deploying nearby drivers as issues arise. The council chose Masternaut because of its ability to demonstrate the real-time tracking of the Group’s 300 plus strong […]

Firm angry that their low-CO2 vans have to pay the congestion charge

Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles customer Plantire believe current rules regarding the Congestion Charge in London are unfair on the sort of businesses the Mayor of London says he supports. They feel the rules do not provide the same incentive for any firm who uses low-emission vans as it does for cars.
Currently, anyone who uses a car with emissions below 100g/km CO2 does not have to pay the city’s Congestion Charge. However, light commercial vans less than 3.5 tonnes with sub-100g/km CO2 emissions do have to pay […]