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Could all Commercial Vehicles soon be fitted with Telematics?

The use of telematics in vehicles has been increasing over the past few years mainly due to the fact that many owners are struggling with the cost of insurance. Young and unexperienced drivers in particular will often find that premiums for car or commercial vehicle insurance are extremely high, however with the use of telematics they can become manageable.

Ford Fiesta Van: New Launch

Smaller vans are starting to become majorly popular among fleets looking to downsize to save money and cut down on vehicle bangs and scrapes.
It’s all about choosing the right vehicles that are fit for your purpose of purchasing, and this has seen a growing number of van makers enter the picture.
Ford spotted this open opportunity a very long time ago with its original Fiesta Van, launched just a short period of time after the first Fiesta car was released in the late 1970s.
The most recent […]

Van Seized after Driver found not to have Insurance

Police are often on the lookout for commercial vehicle drivers who do not have van or commercial vehicle insurance, as not only is it illegal but it means that if there is an accident then there may be no way the driver can cover the costs for the damage. Furthermore, some commercial vehicle owners are known to lend out their vehicles to friends and family as a favour, not realising that this makes their van insurance void. Recently, police on the A24 in […]

Fuel duty rise put on the hard shoulder

Holders of commercial vehicle insurance policies throughout the UK will be delighted with at least one bit of news that came out of an otherwise dire Autumn Statement delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, in the House of Commons yesterday.
The news that the proposed 3p per litre rise in fuel duty in January was cancelled had MPs clapping and cheering the Chancellor yesterday and it’s a safe bet that the news was greeted just as happily in many boardrooms and van cabs […]

Tyre suppliers want winter tyres offered as an option

One of the UK’s largest tyre suppliers is pressurising vehicle manufacturers to radically change the presentation of new vehicles, and they have the support of BRAKE, a leading road safety charity.
ATS Euromaster is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of tyres to the UK’s commercial fleet of vehicles. They also supply tyres to most manufacturers as well as garages that service Britain’s private motorists. They are calling for a big change in the way vans and cars leave the factories in a bid to […]

Fleet managers should avoid flood damaged commercial vans

After the recent floods in the UK, experts are warning fleet managers who are looking for new vans to be careful that the van has not been immersed in water. The van may look undamaged but could store up potentially fatal faults in the future.
The experts are concerned that, while van insurance firms always go to stringent efforts to dispose of flood-damaged vehicles to make sure that they do not reach the open market, there are many others that find their way on to the […]

Cold front develops in Blackburn as ice cream vendors go to war

A street battle between two owners of ice cream vans ended up in court this week, with a YouTube video ending up as the star witness.
When former Mr Yummy driver Zeheer Ramzan found Mr Whippy van vendor Mohammed Mulla in the same street and selling ice cream to what he considered his own customers Ramzan lost his “cool”. Although Ramzan had admitted to causing criminal damage and possession of a weapon in a public place he had denied assaulting Mulla. However, unknown to Ramzan […]

TWL sticks with Mercedes-Benz for its replacement commercial vans

Telephone systems supplier TWL Voice & Data have taken delivery of five long-bodied Mercedes-Benz Vitos. When they retired a percentage of their Mercedes-Benz Vito vans, they did not think twice about replacing them with new updated versions of the same commercial van from close neighbour Euro Commercials.
The new vans are comprised of one Vito 116CDI Sport, one Vito 113CDI and three Vito 113CDI panel vans. All five will be added to the company commercial van insurance policy and are the subject of a highly flexible […]

Business mileage investigated by HMRC

Businesses that typically cover their vehicles with commercial vehicle insurance are being warned to ensure their company records are up to scratch as a Government department prepares to put them under scrutiny.
Inspectors from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be putting businesses that pay employees business mileage under the microscope. It has been historically an area where companies fall foul of the tax system, and a overhaul of HMRC’s business records checks programme has supposedly changed their focus to cajoling companies to adopt a […]

Council uses grant to improve their fleet of vans

Conwy County Borough Council has decided to invest in eight Ashwood Hybrid Transit light commercial vehicles as they reinforce their commitment to an energy efficient future. They secured funding from the Department for Transport programme which they say will be worth the cost because all the vans will save money on fuel and cut CO2 emissions considerably.
Conwy’s hybrid fleet comprises two panel vans and six chassis cabs. They will be covered by commercial van insurance and be used in the council’s Street Scene operation; four […]