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Thousands of vans to be overhauled as BT plan for the future

One of the UK’s biggest van fleet owners is revamping their whole phalanx of light commercial vehicles in order to save cash and reduce harmful emissions.
The plan to remap all of its 24,000 vans in a bid to bring them into line with the demands of modern economics is a massive undertaking by BT but they believe the upgrade programme to be carried out on each and every one of the 24,000 vehicles could well result in savings of £3 million. At a time […]

Pie lovers asked to help to name a new fleet of vans

A well-known bakery firm in Wigan is asking people to suggest names for its new fleet of twenty-eight vans. Lovers of Holland’s pies are being asked to submit their all-time favourite people from Lancashire via either Facebook or Twitter.
The company wants to use the theme of people who are emblematic of the red rose county in their quest to find the 28 most popular Lancashire legends. The vans, which will all be protected by commercial vehicle insurance, will be on the roads early next year. […]

Fleet managers and drivers must be prepared for the change in weather conditions

With winter fast approaching the FTA (Freight Transport Association) has urged drivers and fleet operators to be prepared for the onslaught of winter.
The FTA feel being aware of approaching winter weather is vital, as is the availability of information that allows fleet managers to make an informed decision on where and when their fleet of vans, which are protected by commercial vehicle insurance, can travel. The highway authorities have also devised a system to inform fleet managers of approaching storms that can bring high winds, […]

Swaythling Transit factory set to close.

Workers at the Ford Transit Van production factory in Swaythling, Southampton, Hampshire, anticipate being out of a job this morning as factory bosses hold a meeting with union officials to inform them of their plans.
It will come as a major blow for the 500 workers at the factory which is the last Ford production plant in the UK that manufactures a complete vehicle. For more than 45 years van drivers have been purchasing commercial vehicle insurance on Transit vans produced at the Southampton factory and […]

Van driver subjected to kidnap ordeal in Maidenhead

The claims department of commercial vehicle insurance providers will be investigating a strange night in the Maidenhead area which involved a van driver being abducted, a van and its cargo stolen and another van driver taking part in the robbery.
A van driver was subjected to a terrifying ordeal last Friday when a gang of crooks forced his van off the road and then made him take part in a robbery. Police in Maidenhead are still trying to trace the gang who stopped the middle aged […]

Lancashire hot spot for exhaust crimes

Police in Lancashire are dealing with a mini crime wave that has left a number of van drivers without a vehicle.
Once again thieves are targeting commercial vehicles, and in particular their exhaust systems, to make an illegal living. Police in Bury, Greater Manchester say 10 van drivers have contacted them in the space of 5 days to say their vehicles exhaust systems have been removed overnight. Thefts from commercial vans are becoming a common practice and police officers say the thieves choose vans for ease […]

Remote video system promises to help fleet managers keep an eye on things

Fleet managers across the UK are being encouraged to ensure their van fleet is kept up to scratch by utilising modern technology.
Without doubt the quality of commercial vehicles has improved immensely since the turn of the century and fleet managers who just a few years ago wondered when they would get their vehicles back out of the garage and onto the roads, now find themselves with vans that will seemingly run forever. The last decade has seen the average fleet manager’s focus shift from maintenance […]

Van Drivers Targeted in Police Operation

Commercial vans were targeted by Gwent Police last week as part of an operation being carried out in all areas of Wales. Vans travelling along the A48 coast road were stopped by police and taken to a site near Newport where the driver’s identification was checked along with documents and the condition of the van.
In the space of just a few days police stopped fifty-five vehicles and penalty notices were issued for a number of offences including using a mobile phone, having a bald tyre, […]

Van made from recycled parts tips the balance for Midlands company

A van manufacturer in the East Midlands is due to take on more staff as orders for their vehicle continue to escalate.
Leicestershire based firm Doyle Commercial Body Building (DCBB) have been inundated with orders for their Maxi-Low Van and as a result have employed five extra workers with the prospect of another 10 being brought in soon. The Maxi-Low lightweight van, made out of recycled materials and more fuel efficient than other vans of a similar size has so impressed energy efficiency experts the Mark […]

Increase in number of fleet managers opting for winter tyres

Kwik-Fit Fleet has enhanced their commercial van winter tyre programme while at the same time urging fleet managers who are considering switching from standard tyres to place their orders as soon as possible.
Kwik-Fit only launched its winter tyre programme two years ago and in that time has seen demand for winter tyres significantly increase – notably from light commercial vehicle operators and firms where it is critical for all drivers to be mobile no matter what the weather conditions are. They have ordered thousands of […]