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Ford Fiesta Van: New Launch

Smaller vans are starting to become majorly popular among fleets looking to downsize to save money and cut down on vehicle bangs and scrapes.
It’s all about choosing the right vehicles that are fit for your purpose of purchasing, and this has seen a growing number of van makers enter the picture.
Ford spotted this open opportunity a very long time ago with its original Fiesta Van, launched just a short period of time after the first Fiesta car was released in the late 1970s.
The most recent […]

Van Driver Stranded in Hertfordshire

A van driver had to be rescued from a flooded ford after becoming stuck while attempting to drive through it. The driver, from Stevenage, attempted to drive through 2ft 6in (75cm) of flood water at Barwick Ford, near Ware, Herts, but was forced to leave his van. Adding to this, he’ll have to have a very good van insurance policy for the damage to be covered! A member of the public called Hertfordshire Police at 12:36 GMT after he became stranded in the “fast flowing” […]

Fuel duty rise put on the hard shoulder

Holders of commercial vehicle insurance policies throughout the UK will be delighted with at least one bit of news that came out of an otherwise dire Autumn Statement delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, in the House of Commons yesterday.
The news that the proposed 3p per litre rise in fuel duty in January was cancelled had MPs clapping and cheering the Chancellor yesterday and it’s a safe bet that the news was greeted just as happily in many boardrooms and van cabs […]

Extensive research shows van drivers have made positive changes

TeleFOT Consortium has released the results of a four-year study where they assessed the impact of driver support functions provided by smartphones, sat-navs and other in-vehicle devices that helped driver behaviour.
The extensive research reveals that intelligent transport systems allow a driver to find quicker and less congested routes, and also stops them from accidentally speeding. It is an advantage that has been welcomed by drivers who find their working day less stressful and by their fleet managers who are successfully keeping commercial vehicle insurance costs […]

Thieves target vans in their search for power tools

Van drivers in Dorset are the latest group of commercial drivers to come under attack from a group of thieves.
Thieves across the UK seem to have targeted vans and their goods in 2012 and the latest set of drivers having to compromise their van insurance no claims bonus are those in and around Dorchester. The latest incident saw thieves break in and steal power tools from a Peugeot Boxer van on November 8th, but that is just the most recent in a long list of […]

Fleet managers starting new trend in commercial van sector

Fleet managers are moving to make drivers of company vans much more responsible for the condition of their vehicle as they try to minimise the end of contract charges, as well as reinforcing the residual values of the van.
Research shows that a number of fleet managers have either implemented new and more stringent driver policies or they have tightened up on existing policies. They also want to reduce the number of commercial van insurance claims made each year. An important element of this is the […]

Investing in your business

Commercial drivers and self employed business people who rely on their vehicle to earn a living are being encouraged to invest in their driving skills and improve their profit margins.
With UK motorists still experiencing some of the highest fuel prices in the world and cheap van insurance becoming increasingly difficult to find, any advantage a self employed van driver can find in cutting costs will benefit his business greatly. Driving experts believe commercial drivers should invest in an advanced driving course which will give them […]

Fleet managers prioritising driver safety

Research shows that many companies in the United Kingdom are taking driver safety very seriously. They take full responsibility for the safety of the driver and also have actions in place to mitigate the risks to drivers. The research investigated the safety attitudes of companies with commercial fleets across the UK, with more than 4,000 interviews conducted with fleet managers.
Results showed that 46% of smaller businesses with less than 100 employees and 63% of larger companies with 100 or more employees believe that they share […]

Fleet managers Feel Short Changed over the Price of Fuel on the Forecourts

Data released this week shows that commercial vehicle fleets are being short-changed because a fall in the wholesale price of fuel has not been passed on to them by retailers. Fleet managers have faced record pump prices over the last twelve months after fuel providers passed on increases in the wholesale prices; however, the recent fall in wholesale price has not been fully reflected on the forecourts of the United Kingdom.
The German Government is all set to regulate their fuel prices and force all retailers […]