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Grit boxes emptied by thieves

North Lanarkshire Council have been  appalled to find that thieves have been stealing the grit put aside to use on the roads and pavements. They are asking all residents to report the road salt thieves.
The council are cracking down on the thefts after a series of incidents during the bad weather last winter which saw the thieves unwittingly asking a senior council road official if he was interested in buying some salt at his own front door. North Lanarkshire Council are also claiming that it […]

Uninsured business goes up in smoke

A brave business women from Wiltshire saw her business go up in smoke this week and is now rueing the fact she had no commercial vehicle insurance.
Ma-Mi Hartwell had been unemployed for two years before she decided to try her hand at catering. She managed to scrape together enough money to buy a second hand burger van and set about creating her business plan, something she was eminently qualified to do as in the past she had owned her own finance company. All this year […]

Mobile phone use still a big problem

A concerted campaign to make drivers aware of the penalties, and the sometimes horrific consequences, of using a mobile phone while driving is to be launched over the winter period.
Although it is now 8 years since using a mobile phone while driving was made illegal, it still has not registered with the public in the same way as drink driving and using a seat belt has. Thousands of motorists still use their phones regularly and the problem is particularly prevalent with youngsters in their first […]

UK hope Modec crash will not kill off the EV market

The Coalition Government has been told they need to deliver stronger incentives and policies in an effort boost the low carbon commercial vehicle market. This comes in the wake of one of the United Kingdom’s leading electric vehicle experts calling in the administrators last week.
Unfortunately van drivers in the UK will no longer be getting commercial vehicle insurance on vehicles manufactured by Coventry based firm, Modec. The company reportedly had debts of more than £40m and had failed in its target to push up production […]

Parts supplier keen on saving vans

As the austerity measures imposed by the Government start to impact on businesses across the UK, one van parts supplier is beseeching van owners not to scrap their vehicles unless it is really necessary.
Multipart, a major parts supplier to LDV vans, has launched a “save our vans” appeal, hoping to reduce the number of LDVs being written off by insurance companies. They are hoping to extend the scheme to all 80 UK dealers of LDVs and believe the system will enable engineers to quickly assess […]

Van Drivers under pressure from weather and politicians again

As snow once more hits regions of the UK, van drivers come under pressure from various sources.
Overnight snow in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales has led to van drivers once more struggling to earn a living in what is for many, their busiest time of the year. The two main motorways in Northern Ireland were closed to commercial vehicles overnight and the M4 in South Wales was reported to have tail backs up to 20 miles this morning. Scotland which has suffered more than anywhere […]

More fleets are exploring the natural gas alternative

There are many good reasons for commercial fleets to have their vans running on compressed or liquefied natural gas (CNG/LNG). However, United Kingdom commercial fleets are yet to be fully convinced and the market is still small, but there are signs that firms are coming round to the idea.
Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have many advantages. They produce less harmful emissions and also have much lower equivalent fuel costs than a diesel or petrol vehicle. Maintenance costs are also generally lower because natural gas will burn […]

Miniature van sale planned to aid ambulance

They are not the sort of vans that need commercial vehicle insurance, but the vans owned by Stan Walton and his club members are going to be involved in life saving work.
Stan, from Peterlee, County Durham, is a model car enthusiast and treasurer of the North East Die Cast Club, (NEDCC). He has galvanised members of the club into action to make a special collection of miniature vans depicting a local emergency vehicle to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance (GNAA).
Stan explained “We […]

Footwear choice a safety essential

Van drivers may be surprised to know the difference footwear can have on their driving, and women van drivers may be at more risk than men.
A survey carried out by the AA for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) found that different footwear can have a big effect on driving safely, especially where braking times are concerned. Of the 18,000 members surveyed 25% said that at some time their choice of footwear had made them feel they were not in full control of their vehicle. Tests […]

Van manufacturer calls for more government aid

As the push for greener vehicles envelops the commercial vehicle industry, one van manufacturer is concerned that the present government may not be doing enough to encourage the sale of electric vans.
Iveco, the bus and coach manufacturer, have called on the Coalition Government to do all it can to provide greater help and encouragement in the way of financial incentives to fleet companies in the UK. They say without financial assistance many companies may shy away from the greener, electric vans as the technology is […]