Workers continue to escape driving bans by using loophole

Two commercial van drivers from Leeds are still legally driving on the roads of the United Kingdom despite having clocked up 27 and 28 points respectively on their licences. This is despite the maximum number of points before a ban is imposed being for most drivers 12pts.

Driving charity Brake worked with a vehicle insurance company and found that around 44% of motorists who get to 12 points or more on their licence are not being banned. In Leeds one driver who has 27 points for offences including speaking on a mobile phone and driving without insurance is still holding a licence, and another who has 28 points for offences such as speeding, using a mobile and dangerous driving is also still driving his vehicle lawfully.

Brake claim that motorists are increasingly escaping a ban by claiming it would cause them exceptional hardship. By saying a ban would be detrimental to their livelihood they are more than likely given a fine instead of getting the usual six-month ban. Drivers with commercial van insurance obviously fall under this category but the road safety charity believe magistrates are being too tolerant. The Charity has called on the Coalition to stop people using this loophole to make sure that more motorists who reach 12 points are given the correct punishment.

Julie Townsend, Brake campaigns director, said “Clearly when the points system was designed, it wasn’t intended that nearly half of drivers with 12 points would evade disqualification. It is outrageous these individuals, who rack up offence after offence, are allowed to continue driving, causing enormous risk to the public. Drivers who repeatedly flout traffic laws have shown complete disregard for the lives of other road users. They have also had ample opportunity to desist breaking the law before reaching 12 points and facing disqualification.”