Volkswagen Launch Research Programme to Capture Commercial Market

Volkswagen Fleet Services has instigated an on-going research programme to find out exactly what contract hire and leasing customers want and need. The results will allow VW to make changes in order to help them attract new customers and they will compare their own performance with that of their main six competitors by quizzing thirty-four major leasing providers on nine core areas.

With the first round of results completed, VW have already started working on their ‘leasing improvement plans’ after reviewing the results and agreeing specific areas of enhancement that were identified in the results of the survey. All of Volkswagen’s Fleet specialist retailers will soon be using electronic delivery technology making the life of a fleet manager much easier and more effective than ever. Research will continue throughout 2012 to keep the results up to date and relevant to customers’ evolving expectations. VW want to sharpen their focus on what matters most to their customers and want to ensure they are fulfilling not just their own requirement but also the requirements of every fleet driver behind the wheel of a Volkswagen. The company realise that picking the right van to protect with commercial van insurance is a big decision for any fleet manager and they want to get across to fleet industry decision makers that VW should be their preferred choice.

Iker Lazzari, Volkswagen Fleet’s National Contract Hire and Leasing Manager, explained: “Part of the reason for commissioning the survey was a realisation that we didn’t know exactly what our partners in the contract hire and leasing sectors thought of the services we provided, and so it was going to be difficult to enhance our service offering. We recognise that our leasing partners are our customers, and if we want to be the best in the industry, we need to know how we are doing and where we can improve.”