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Liberty Wines Invest in a new Route Planning System for its Delivery Vans

Liberty Wines are hoping to boost their delivery service with an advanced route planning and scheduling system from Paragon Software Systems. The software will include street level mapping for accurate routing and even has a special Olympics planning functionality to make sure that their customers receive their orders on time throughout the duration of the games.

Liberty Wines currently run a large fleet of delivery vans that are all protected by cheap van insurance and used for daily deliveries in the capital, and weekly deliveries to customers throughout the Home Counties. The majority of the drivers are long-term subcontractors who are paid a weekly wage. Up to now Liberty had to plan deliveries manually which meant they could only estimate the start and finish of the deliveries. However, with Paragon they will have the benefit of knowing precisely which vehicle and driver is delivering each order without searching through paperwork because the information will be available at the touch of a button.

Ben Marriott, customer services manager at Liberty Wines, said “Paragon will enable us to plan more efficiently and effectively, making better use of our vehicle fleet and improving the service to our customers. The street level-mapping option we have selected takes account of road constraints such as one-way streets, no-entries and turn restrictions. This will help us to plan and manage our London deliveries with greater accuracy, where timed deliveries to leading restaurants are a key part of our service offering.”

The pre-programmed Olympic planning feature will be vital to Liberty as they are located on the Olympic Route Network and the feature will make sure that they can provide the best service while both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are taking place.

Paragon Announce Their Olympic Plans

Paragon Software Systems have announced their Olympic planning pack, which includes special map edits and congestion profiles that have been specifically designed to help fleet managers during both the London Olympics and Paralympic Games.

With the Olympics only six months away and the Paralympics starting when the Olympics finish, Paragon want to focus on making sure that all of their clients, who will be in the capital, can minimise any disruption to their London operations. The free pack will help Paragon customers with planning revised delivery routes by avoiding any road closures and likely congestion from July 27th when the Olympics start to September 9th when the Paralympics come to an end.

Many of Paragon’s clients are already planning their strategy for the games. This includes revising routes and schedules as well as changes to delivery times, unloading times and delivery frequency. The software development undertaken by Paragon is there to help its clients prepare for the disruption and challenges. The software will automatically identify any delivery points that could be affected and where the areas of congestion will be due to the road-based events such as the marathon and cycling events. They will also be able to identify sections of the network that will be closed so that delivery vehicles can avoid them on the day of the event and make alternative arrangements for deliveries. Fleet managers, who are usually more concerned with organising van insurance and maintenance schedules, are delighted with the information that Paragon has prepared for them and say the pack will help them optimise the use of their vehicles throughout the period.

William Salter, Paragon’s Managing Director, said: “There is still time available to model, plan and prepare for the impact that the Olympic Games will have on our clients and their distribution operations. We are actively encouraging Paragon customers to use the added functionality we are offering with the free Olympic planning pack to help them with maintaining good service and allow them to enjoy playing their part in making both games a great success for the UK.”

“Games Lanes” not a winner with London residents

A recent survey by the Daily Telegraph has highlighted that the citizens of London are none too pleased about the plans designed by the Transport for London (TfL) committee to segregate Olympic VIPs from the general motoring public while the Olympic Games take place.

9 in 10 of those questioned said they thought the plans were excessive and many tradesmen, with vehicles covered by commercial vehicle insurance, were concerned about their businesses being affected by the new road layouts.

The trouble emanates from the Transport for London plan to create special “Games Lanes” to be used by what the TfL describe as the “Olympic family”. In all 56 miles of London’s roads will be put aside for the officials and VIPs to use when the games are on. Motorists and cyclists will face fines of up to £200 if they stray into the lanes when they are in use.

Van drivers are up in arms about the decision. Deliveries are bound to be affected as the cargo of VIPs ensconced in hotels in the middle of London are ferried out to the east end where the games will take place. There has already been talk of protests and it does seem that businesses likely to be affected do have a valid point.

Employers have been asked to allow employees to work from home where possible to alleviate the congestion on the roads. Government departments are leading the way on this with 4 out of 10 civil servants working in the capital to be offered this opportunity but this is obviously not an option for a delivery driver.

There is a public consultation document available for citizens to comment but it is unlikely that the plans will now be altered.

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