New Breed of Vehicles Offered on Free Trial by London Borough

A London council are giving commercial enterprises the chance to test drive electric vehicles (EV) free as part of an initiative to persuade businesses in the borough to turn to carbon free motoring.

The council have teamed up with the manufacturers of four electric vehicles produced by Tata, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi and are inviting companies and organisations in Camden to test drive the carbon free vehicles for a full fortnight. The vehicles are all covered with commercial vehicle insurance and all the businesses have to do is register an interest.

Although the council’s main objective is to encourage residents of the area to drive zero emission vehicles to benefit the borough through cleaner air, there is no doubt that businesses will take up the offer for more financial reasons. With fuel prices hitting new highs almost weekly and the threat of a tanker driver’s strike still hovering in the background, the thought of not being reliant on calling in at a garage forecourt every week must be appealing to many commercial enterprises.

There are other benefits as well. Zero emission vehicles are obviously exempt from the London Congestion Charges and can park free in many areas of the capital. Road Tax is not applicable to electric cars and as well as a government subsidy on the price of the vehicle, businesses can also take advantage of tax breaks in some circumstances. It is hoped the free trial will also dispel worries of range capabilities. Many businesses are put off by the fact that most EVs have to be recharged every 100 miles or so, but the council believe the trial will demonstrate that range is no problem at all when working in urban conditions.

The trial will continue into June and interested parties just have to contact Camden Council.