Fraikin and ATS Euromaster Work Together on 4million Pound Replacement Tyre Contract

One of the industry’s biggest commercial vehicle tyre contracts of the year has been awarded to ATS Euromaster after Fraikin awarded them a three-year deal to service the tyres across their entire fleet of commercial vans.

Fleet management and contract hire specialist Fraikin are delighted with the agreement which is worth approximately £4 million over the three year period and the deal will see ATS use Avon fitments on light commercial vehicles. ATS will also share detailed tyre management information with Fraikin, enabling both companies to make sure the partnership continues to deliver optimum performance and value. This will include four-weekly reports measuring brand policy adherence, remaining tread depth levels at removal, and response times for emergency roadside assistance.

Peter Backhouse, chief executive officer of Fraikin, explained “We’ve signed an unprecedented level of new business within the last 18 months based upon our proven ability to help customers manage their fleets more efficiently. It’s what we work hard to achieve every day; we need supplier partners that appreciate our needs and can support our objectives. In the current climate proficient tyre management has never been more important, given steep tyre price rises seen across Europe over the last two years. ATS Euromaster’s ability to help us extract the maximum performance from every tyre they service was critical to their reappointment.”

Fraikin vehicles that are protected with commercial van insurance benefit from access to two-fold tyre support. Vans close to a Fraikin owned workshop have their tyres serviced and replaced directly by their own technicians. While out-based vans will be serviced by the ATS Euromaster network. Both companies operate 24 hours a day making sure that a rapid response vehicle can be despatched quickly, carrying the correct brand and size of replacement tyre.