Company Van Insurance

If you own a company that makes use of vans each and every day then it is absolutely vital that you protect your vehicles along with your drivers. By purchasing a commercial van insurance policy you can ensure that all the vans you use will be protected, and in turn this will then give you, a business owner, peace of mind that if anything were to happen your company would not financially lose out as a result of lost trading time. Your insurer will simply replace your vehicle and you could go on as normal!


Can I get a discount?

If you are buying insurance for a large fleet of vans you may find that you are entitled to a slight discount. In order to lower your commercial van insurance quotes there are a number of things you can do yourself. For a start you can ensure that all your vehicles are fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser. This will be immediately recognised by insurance companies, and so could save you money.

You may also find that you will receive a company discount if you fit all your vehicles with deadbolts. These can be either mechanically operated or remote controlled and can be fitted to the rear doors, or the side doors of your van. Deadbolts are also tamper proof once fitted.

It would also be wise to fit all your vehicles with a slam lock. These ensure that when the rear door is closed, it will be secured shut. You can also invest in Armaplate lock covers. The Armaplate lock cover has won the SoldSecure Gold Award four times, and is noticed by most insurance brokers as being beneficial, and so this will, for them, reduce the risk, and could therefore result in them offering you lower commercial van insurance cover, particularly if you have a fleet of vehicles at your company.

Such measures will demonstrate to commercial vehicle insurance providers that you are safety conscious and so they will be more inclined to offer you a company discount. VanQuoteDirect make it our business to find you the best quote that will suit your needs and requirements as a company. All you have to do is fill out one simple form, or alternatively you can ring us up and one of our experts will guide you through the process!



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